Webinar: (In)Form Your Patient Experience Through Workflow

Written by Layne Langford on March 3, 2017

Posted in Healthcare, Webinars + Events


Ask yourself: What do healthcare workflows and the Ritz-Carlton have in common?

The answer: More than you’d think.

Are you familiar with the System Behind the Smiles? It’s a concept used by Ritz-Carlton Hotels to describe how “astonishing customer service is made to look effortless.” The key to the luxury hotel chain’s stellar reputation with guests is process design (or workflow, rather), which is as equally relevant in the hospitality industry as it is in healthcare.

Many healthcare facilities struggle to manage daily administrative tasks while also providing quality care for patients. Operational inefficiency often leads to costly errors and a negative patient experience, but you can avoid these issues by using the power of online forms and workflows.

Healthcare workflows are a critical part of the patient experience, and no one is more qualified to talk about workflow than Dr. Chuck Webster. Dr. Webster, or Dr. Workflow, as many like to call him, has a very impressive resume, from running a successful healthcare business process management blog, to designing the first undergraduate medical informatics program, to his status as a Social Media Ambassador for annual HIMSS conferences over the last four years. Dr. Webster has also served as Chief Medical Informatics Officer of EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources, Inc, and as a software architect in the MIS department of a community hospital.

Formstack was thrilled to partner with Dr. Webster for our healthcare webinar: (In)Form Your Patient Experience Through Workflow. Together, we’ll show you how to use HIPAA compliant forms and patient workflow to boost efficiency and transform the patient experience at your practice.

This webinar kicks off with Dr. Webster’s view of forms in workflow, which he will supplement with exclusive tips on implementing and making the most out of your own patient and staff workflows. The best workflows have the power to reduce cycle time, improve the accuracy and consistency of patient data, and reduce the amount of manual labor and resources needed to run your organization.

In order to maximize the power of your patient workflows, you’ll also receive top tier advice on building HIPAA compliant forms that can positively impact the patient experience. This portion of the webinar also includes helpful time-saving tricks to automate administrative tasks.

If your organization is seeking to reduce inefficiencies, automate administrative processes, and improve your own System Behind the Smiles, check out the webinar today!