Enhance Your Employee Onboarding Process with Formstack and WebMerge

Written by Guest Blogger on April 25, 2017

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Jeremy Clarke is the founder of WebMerge, which allows Formstack users to automatically create PDF documents on the fly with data from form submissions. He has some great ideas for using Formstack’s WebMerge integration to streamline your employee onboarding process.

New employee onboarding almost always centers around paperwork—and lots of it. Creating professional PDF forms and printable documents in a secure way is essential to this process.

Using a versatile online data management platform like Formstack can streamline tedious data collection processes and improve the employee onboarding experience. Even better, Formstack’s WebMerge integration allows for automatic population of professional documents in key formats including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.

Here are a few essential functions of Formstack’s WebMerge integration:

These integration features can be applied directly to your employee onboarding process in a few ways:

Decrease Workload

No one has the time or desire to comb through endless droves of paperwork or track down necessary information and/or signatures. Decrease your workload and automate your document creation process with Formstack’s easy-to-use online forms and WebMerge’s document generation capabilities. Plus, you can set up document routing rules to email your docs directly to the necessary parties, and you can quickly collect digital signatures so there’s no waiting around for a hard-copy exchange.

Increase Employee Engagement

Maintaining high levels of employee engagement is a top challenge for businesses today. Essentially, your business’s operational practices have to evolve with your employees’ needs and harmonize with their everyday lives.

Current and potential employees expect efficiency and accessibility in all facets of the employee onboarding process. Automating your data collection workflows and populating professional documents with Formstack and WebMerge can do wonders for productivity and engagement. As an added benefit, you can boost the professional quality of your documents and ensure they’re polished and easy to read.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Making your employee onboarding a more digital process will save you time. And as everyone knows: save time, and you’ll save money.

With Formstack and WebMerge, you can develop a consistent, intuitive document generation process that quickly, easily, and efficiently automates your data collection workflows and your population of professional documents.

Digitizing your employee onboarding process with Formstack and WebMerge is a great solution for streamlining your human resources workflows and freeing up time for employee engagement. Want to learn more about using WebMerge and Formstack to create PDF forms and printable documents? Click below to discover how one company uses both platforms to easily generate PDF sales contracts.

About the Author

Jeremy Clarke is the founder of WebMerge and loves automation. He has worked with thousands of businesses to optimize their workflows, so they can save time, money, and ultimately grow their business.