White Paper: Overcoming the Challenges of Healthcare Digital Documentation

Written by Abby Nieten on October 31, 2017

Posted in Healthcare, Reports + White Papers

There’s no denying healthcare has moved into an era of digital documentation—where finding the best way to efficiently and securely manage sensitive patient data is a critical task for providers. But in an industry that is historically slow to adopt data management technology, seeing success with digital documentation is not without its challenges.

Luckily, advancements in mobile health (mHealth) technology are making it easier for practice managers, call center leaders, and IT directors to conquer these challenges. Mobile-friendly, HIPAA compliant forms provide an easy and secure way to collect, consolidate, and move patient data through a series of streamlined workflows. And this cuts down on inconsistent data sharing that can have dire consequences (not the least of which is a HIPAA data security breach).

Want to know more? Our mHealth white paper details the role HIPAA compliant online forms can play in conquering digital documentation challenges. Inside you’ll discover:

  • How online forms can keep patient data secure, reduce administrative costs, and enhance the patient experience
  • What features to look for in a quality HIPAA compliant online form solution
  • How to design an efficient healthcare workflow using Formstack’s HIPAA compliant forms

Ready to find out how mobile healthcare forms can improve online data management efforts at your facility? Click below to download your free copy of Formstack’s healthcare white paper.