Enhance Your Healthcare Data Collection with Formstack’s New HIPAA Compliant Integrations

Written by Ashley Alexander on May 31, 2017

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Tired of manually entering patient data into your various healthcare systems?  We’re happy to announce that the Salesforce, WebMerge, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Contacts, and Dropbox integrations are HIPAA compliant! You can now combine these integrations with Formstack’s online HIPAA forms to enhance patient acquisition, simplify your paper filing systems, and eliminate manual data entry. Read on for a breakdown of everything you need to know about each integration.


In modern healthcare, the patient experience is paramount. As a care provider, you need to ensure that patients have a positive experience with your organization, from the first time they explore your services to the moment they walk out of their final appointment. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant Salesforce integration can help you improve the patient journey by letting you safely pass lead data and ePHI to your Salesforce account. Generate more healthcare leads for your facility and seamlessly manage contacts throughout the patient onboarding processall while maintaining HIPAA data security standards and your peace of mind.

HIPAA compliant

Formstack’s HIPAA compliant Salesforce integration can also help you:

  • Auto-update existing patient records
  • Attach more than one object to a single form submission
  • Add file uploads to your Salesforce records


Let’s face it. As much as you would like to, your organization can’t be entirely paper-free. There is still a need for paperwork in healthcare, but you can simplify your paper-based processes by connecting online forms to your facility’s filing system. With Formstack’s HIPAA compliant WebMerge integration, you can quickly collect ePHI and other sensitive healthcare information online, safely pass it to your WebMerge account, and create professionally formatted PDF documents that you can print out for your office. Use these documents to collect legally binding signatures from your patients and upload them into your healthcare system.

HIPAA compliant

Formstack’s HIPAA compliant WebMerge integration can also help you:

  • Create Word and PowerPoint documents
  • Send data to multiple documents with one form submission
  • Automatically email PDF documents to your front office

Google Calendar

Scheduling appointments for patients can be frustrating, especially if you’re handling appointment requests through the phone or over countless email threads. Formstack’s Google Calendar integration eliminates this frustration by letting you collect ePHI and send it to your Google Calendar to automatically set up appointments, meetings, and other events. Manage doctor and nurse schedules more efficiently, schedule appointments faster, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

formstack healthcare

Formstack’s HIPAA compliant Google Calendar integration can also help you:

  • Set appointment reminders for patients and providers
  • Update existing appointments with new attendee details
  • Prevent double-booking of appointments

Google Drive

If you’re still scanning paperwork into your practice’s system, there is now a better way! Formstack’s Google Drive integration lets you collect files and documents from patients or other departments and pass them safely into your Google account. Quickly gather medical records, scans, and testing results online; upload them to Drive; and share them with doctors, nurses, insurance providers, and other stakeholders in minutes.

Formstack HIPAA

Formstack’s HIPAA compliant Google Drive integration can also help you:

  • Bypass Formstack’s storage limits with 15 GB of extra space
  • Organize your documents and other file uploads into different Google Drive folders
  • Add tags to your upload names for easy file searching and organization

Google Sheets

If you’re using Excel spreadsheets to organize healthcare information, data entry can be a huge pain. If you’re tired of manually updating your healthcare records, the Google Sheets integration can help. Formstack’s connection with Google Sheets lets you seamlessly collect patient data, pass it to your Google account, and create new spreadsheet fields. Easily collaborate on important documents and stay in line with HIPAA data security standards.

Formstack healthcare

Formstack’s HIPAA compliant Google Sheets integration can also help you:

  • Auto-update existing spreadsheet fields with submitted data from your forms
  • Share and edit data quickly with other members of your organization
  • Update your spreadsheets without the need to import or export data

Google Contacts

If you want to reduce manual data entry even further, the HIPAA compliant Google Contacts integration will come in handy. Formstack’s connection with Google lets you collect contact details from patients and store them in your Google contact lists for easy reference. Quickly gather the information you need to create and send communications to patients, departments, and other stakeholders without having to rifle through stacks of paperwork or countless folders.

Formstack for healthcare

Formstack’s HIPAA compliant Google Contacts integration can also help you:

  • Auto-update existing contacts with new patient information
  • Add notes to each contact for easier record-keeping
  • Share details with other departments in your organization


While the need for paperwork isn’t disappearing in the healthcare industry any time soon, there are still ways you can reduce paper across your organization. Formstack’s HIPAA compliant integration with Dropbox lets you safely collect ePHI from your patients and send the data to your Dropbox account. Instead of adding files to endless paper folders, you can organize your medical files, scans, and other documents within Dropbox. All data is easily accessible to authorized staff on any device.

HIPAA compliance

Formstack’s HIPAA compliant Dropbox integration can also help you:

  • Organize file uploads into different Dropbox folders
  • Add custom tags to file names for easy file searching
  • Access exported CSV files and other uploads from multiple locations and devices

Start Using These Integrations Today

Salesforce and WebMerge are currently only available to users who subscribe to our HIPAA Plus plan and above. Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Contacts, and Dropbox are available to all HIPAA users, regardless of plan level. If you are interested in testing these integrations with our HIPAA forms, connect with our Sales team by clicking the link below. If you’re already at the appropriate plan level to use these integrations, why not log in and try them out?