Formstack in the News: Q1 2017

Written by Ashley Alexander on March 30, 2017

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Can you believe it’s already spring? The beginning of 2017 has flown by for us here at Formstack. As Q1 draws to a close, we’re wrapping up our goals and planning some exciting new projects for Q2. But before we get too far in our planning, we’d like to share some of the media mentions we’ve received over the past few months.

This quarter, Formstack’s content was featured on top sites across the web, and we also received some positive recognition for our company’s remote culture. In case you missed any of the love that’s come our way over the past quarter, here are some places you can find us:


Formstack was featured in an Inc. article by Dave Kerpen as one of nine SaaS solutions businesses should consider for 2017. The article discusses the top SaaS services that organizations can use to improve their marketing and data management efforts. Formstack was included as a top data management platform because of our form builder’s versatility, powerful optimization tools, and connections to over 40 popular web apps.


Formstack was nominated in the Company Culture of the Year category for TechPoint’s 2017 Mira Awards. The Mira Awards honor top tech innovations in the state of Indiana, and we’re super excited to be among the 12 nominees for this year’s Company Culture of the Year award (our second year in a row for this nomination).

mira awards nominee formstack

If you’re curious about our company culture, TechPoint also shared an article written by Formstack CEO Chris Byers that sheds some light on the actions organizations should take to improve employee engagement in 2017. The insights Chris shares are practices that we use every day at Formstack to ensure our employees feel valued and invested in their teams.

Corporate Tech Decisions

Formstack CEO Chris Byers was featured on Corporate Tech Decisions in an article on the growing importance of IT in healthcare. The article discusses three trends healthcare organizations are likely to see as IT continues to become a more integral part of healthcare systems. Topics covered include the accessibility of health records, the ability to streamline critical processes, and the importance of maintaining data accuracy.

Lawrence Tam

Ashley Walsh, Formstack’s VP of Marketing, was featured on Lawrence Tam’s website in an article about 2017 marketing predictions. In this article, Ashley discusses five trends that can help businesses prepare a successful marketing roadmap for 2017. As a bonus, a link to Formstack’s “How Online Forms Anchor a Business” infographic is included in the article to show marketers how a data management platform like Formstack can be used to improve efficiency in all areas of their business.

online forms Formstack

Fox 59 News

Formstack CEO Chris Byers was featured on Fox 59 News during a segment on Trump’s immigration ban. Deanna Allbrittin interviewed Byers about Trump’s executive order on immigrants and the possible impact it could have on the Indianapolis tech industry. Other Indianapolis tech leaders provided their insights on the issue, including Mike Langellier of TechPoint.

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