Work Smarter with Formstack’s Improved Emails and Actions Page

Written by Ashley Alexander on January 27, 2017

Posted in Formstack Updates

The Formstack team has been working hard lately to improve our app, and we are super excited to share some of the latest updates. If you’ve ever wished that all of your form submission tools (like emails and integrations) were easily accessible in one location, you’re in luck. We’re proud to announce the all-new Emails and Actions page.

This handy interface brings together all the tools you need to have full routing control of your form submission data and email settings. Edit email confirmations and notifications, set up routing logic, and manage integrations and webhooks – all in one place.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the new Emails and Actions page:

A Clean, User-Friendly Interface

All the tools you need to manage what happens to data after a form is submitted are available at your fingertips in one easy location. Edit your form’s submission message, create customized email notifications, send form data to outside apps like your CRM, and much more.


Every tool has been updated to be more organized and intuitive, so you can spend more time on important tasks and less time on manual data management.

Seamless Editing and Field Mapping

Customizing your email confirmations and notifications is now easier than ever. Use the new Field Mapper tool to search for form fields and add them to your emails in seconds. Including information like a Name field in your email messages will let you create personalized experiences for customers and employees.

form emails

With the upgraded editing interface, you can clearly see where data from your forms is being added to your emails. This makes it super easy to craft messages that thank users for filling out your forms, communicate times and dates for appointments and events, or provide next steps for inquiries and sales calls.

In addition, you can edit subject lines, change the email addresses that send and receive your messages, add file uploads, tweak email logic, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and the new editor’s flexible tools make it possible to create effective email notifications for any business need.

Improved Integration Management

Handling all the data you get from your forms can be hard work, especially when you’re sending it to so many different places. The new Emails and Actions interface lets you see all of your integrations and webhooks at a glance and easily edit settings and logic flows.


Set up new integrations and webhooks, edit existing ones, or delete connections that are not needed. You’ll no longer have to switch between different screens to manage all of your various settings.

The new Emails and Actions page is now available to all Formstack customers. If you have any questions about the changes, please contact our Support team at In the meantime, check out other recent Formstack updates by clicking the link below. Happy form building!