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Remediate Your Business Processes with Web Form Automation

This week, we brought you four new infographics centered on process efficiency. Each infographic focuses on a different workflow for a different team, but they all have one thing in common: Formstack plays a key role in the streamlined processes.

If you’re weighed down by inefficient processes, Formstack’s workflow management tools could be the answer.

We help marketing teams create branded online forms so they can capture more leads.

We help healthcare organizations securely collect and manage sensitive data so they can provide better care.

We help HR professionals design efficient workflows for their administrative responsibilities so they can prioritize employee relations.

We help higher education institutions create organized data management processes so they can stay on top of student needs.

We aim to help everyone—no matter the industry or department—automate repetitive tasks and improve productivity. If you missed any of our workflow management infographics this week, here’s a quick rundown:

For Marketers

If you’re looking to improve business processes related to lead generation, we’ve got you covered! The 4 Steps to a Winning Lead Generation Process infographic walks through the steps of a lead gen workflow that gets results.

For Healthcare Professionals

If you want a better way to address safety issues at your health facility, look no further! The 4 Steps to a Successful Incident Management Process infographic outlines a productive incident reporting workflow to help you prioritize patient safety.

For HR Teams

If you’re tired of muddling through your employee review process, stop right there! The 3 Steps to Automated Employee Reviews infographic provides tips on using web form automation to simplify employee reviews and make the process more useful.

For Educators

If you’re in need of higher education workflow solutions, we’re here to help. The 4 Steps to Streamline Financial Aid infographic offers a blueprint for the efficient transfer of data among students and school staff.

If you’ve been following along with all our content this week, thank you! We hope we’ve inspired you to create better business processes. If you’re not yet a Formstack user, sign up for a free trial below to test out all our workflow management tools.