A Form for Every Team: 4 Infographics to Solve Your Process Roadblocks

Written by Abby Nieten on September 8, 2017

Posted in Form Hacks, Workflow Automation

Someone once compared Formstack to a bucket of legos, saying our platform has all sorts of interesting pieces (i.e., features and functionality) that can be imagined into any number of creative end products.

If you ask us, that is a spot-on analogy.

Formstack is versatile like Legos

Formstack is a customizable, online form solution that makes it easy for organizations of all types and sizes to collect and manage information. With a suite of simple and elegant tools that remove complexity from everyday workflow processes, Formstack is built to solve a variety of problems.

Case in point: our customers include a cleaning company using us to standardize HR management, a WNBA team using us to manage corporate sponsorships and contests, and a behavioral health facility using us to streamline patient registration. Talk about a wide range of team processes!

We could go on about the array of Formstack customers and use cases, but we have something better in store:

Next week, we’ll be bringing you four new infographics to highlight some of our top process solutions for marketers, healthcare professionals, HR teams, and educators.

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