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Top 5 Practical Ways to Use Formstack in Human Resources

Formstack’s online form technology gives businesses an easy way to collect and manage information. No matter the industry or business size, our smart online forms can be customized for every team and any problem.

To help you better understand what’s possible with Formstack, let’s take a closer look at just one team: human resources. Here are 5 key ways Formstack can improve your HR workflow processes:

1. Hiring

A key goal for any HR team is to hire a strong and successful workforce. While the hiring process can be lengthy and chaotic, the right tools can ease the pain. To this end, Formstack has several beneficial offerings:

Need proof? Commercial cleaning company KleenMark uses Formstack to streamline new hire requests, and sporting organization USA Sport Group uses Formstack to manage its international recruiting process.

2. Onboarding

Once employees are hired, getting them up to speed is priority one. To help you organize and expedite your HR onboarding process, Formstack provides these helpful tools:

Need proof? Commercial cleaning company 360clean uses Portals to manage onboarding and own-operator training for its franchise locations.

3. Performance Reviews

To encourage transparency and growth at your organization, performance reviews are essential. Create a consistent and manageable review process with these Formstack features:

4. Employee engagement

In the professional world, employee engagement is becoming increasingly important. If you’re looking to improve employee retention, consider implementing these Formstack offerings:

5. Offboarding

While offboarding an employee is never fun, it’s an inevitable task. Formstack provides a few features to help you create a painless HR offboarding process:

HR teams juggle countless tasks and projects that can be simplified with a data management solution like Formstack. To drive this point home, we’ve put together an infographic that walks through the steps of a streamlined employee review process. Click below to take a look.