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Top 5 Practical Ways to Use Formstack in Healthcare

Formstack’s online form technology gives businesses an easy way to collect and manage information. No matter the industry or business size, our smart online forms can be customized for every team and any problem.

To help you better understand what’s possible with Formstack, let’s take a closer look at just one industry: healthcare. Here are 5 key ways Formstack can move your healthcare processes along:

1. Patient Registration

Collecting and managing new patient information—such as medical history and insurance details—is a big job for healthcare organizations. Creating a paperless patient onboarding process can save time for your front office staff and solve patient flow problems. To this end, here’s what Formstack provides:

Need proof? Behavioral health facility Indiana Health Group uses Formstack to efficiently onboard 90% of its new patients.

2. Physician Referrals

Most insurance companies require physician referrals for specialist treatment, so making referrals is a common practice in the healthcare industry. To create a streamlined physician referral process at your facility, you can use these Formstack offerings:

3. Call Logging

If you work for a healthcare call center, keeping track of patient information provided on an incoming call can be vital. Enhance your call logging efforts with these Formstack features:

Need proof? C2 Call Center uses all the above to seamlessly log calls for hospice triage nurses.

4. Incident Reporting

Medical incident reporting is an integral patient safety measure for most healthcare facilities. Formstack can help you create an incident management process that keeps patients safe through these offerings:

5. Online Ordering

Medical care providers are often tasked with ordering equipment—such as wheelchairs, nebulizers, or compression garments—to assist with patients’ treatment. Formstack provides a few tools to help with these equipment orders:

Healthcare professionals have countless tasks and processes that can be simplified with a data management solution like Formstack. To drive this point home, we’ve put together an infographic that walks through the steps of a streamlined incident logging process. Click below to take a look.