Customer Spotlight: 360clean + Portals

Written by Abby Nieten on April 12, 2017

Posted in Case Studies, Human Resources

360clean uses Formstack 360clean is a privately held commercial cleaning company with 70+ locally owned franchises across the Southeast United States. Founded in 2005, the company provides industry-leading janitorial services to a variety of business types, including healthcare facilities. 360clean began offering franchise opportunities in 2008, and company leaders believe they have revolutionized the janitorial sector of franchising.

To manage HR processes—such as onboarding and owner-operator training—for its franchise locations, 360clean has tapped into Formstack’s Portals feature. With Portals, the company can quickly get new franchises up and running and manage its expert training program.

Want to know more? Vice President of Franchise Services Brent Bodiford gave us some insight on how Portals have helped 360clean:

Why did Formstack’s Portals add-on initially pique your interest?

When we have new franchise owners come onboard with us, they have to follow an initial business-opening process. Prior to having access to Formstack’s Portals feature, we were using a checklist that was built by hand. Having the Portals add-on creates a seamless process for our new franchise owners to follow.

How has your company put Portals to use?

We have put Portals to use in several different ways. Of course the biggest use of Portals for 360clean is for the new franchise opening process. We also utilize Portals in training videos and tests for our new franchise owners. Portals is also used for various training initiatives within 360clean.

What benefits have you seen since implementing Portals?

  • Faster opening of new franchised businesses
  • Cleaner processes
  • User-friendly access
  • Simple tracking

Do you have plans for other ways you’d like to use Portals in the future?

Always. We are always looking for new/easier ways to create a more seamless process within our corporate office. I anticipate all our current processes being transferred to the Portals add-on within Formstack.

Are you considering automation of HR processes? Or do you have another business need that Formstack’s Portals feature can meet? Click below to learn more about the feature and to get in touch with our sales team.