Webinar: How to Run Your Small Business with Online Forms

Written by Formstack on May 12, 2016

Posted in Payment Processing, Webinars + Events

Running a small business is an exhilarating, yet daunting, task. There is so much that goes along with acquiring new customers, keeping those customers happy, and managing day-to-day processes. But using something as simple as an online form can help you manage all your business processes online with minimal time and effort.

Join us for a case study webinar as we highlight the Formstack features that can help you effectively manage your business data and processes. Alex Sirota, Founder of NewPath Consulting, and Drew Thompson, Marketing Associate at Formstack, walk through a real-life example of how Alex used online forms to power and grow a client’s organization.

Alex Sirota, Founder of NewPath Consulting     Drew Thompson, Marketing Associate at Formstack

In this webinar, you will learn:

1 – Top online form features and integrations for data collection and management

2 – How one organization used Formstack to boost sales and registrations

3 – Tips for managing your own business processes with online forms

4 – Best practices for using online forms to manage transactions

Click below to watch the webinar now. You don’t want to miss it!