How to Save Time When Collecting Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI)

Written by Ashley Alexander on October 20, 2016

Posted in Healthcare, Workflow Automation

If you’re collecting sensitive healthcare information from patients or employees, you know how important HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliance is. But collecting and managing electronic protected health information (ePHI) can suck up a lot of time when you have to continually update online records via paperwork, faxes, or scanned documents.

To help with this problem, Formstack now provides HIPAA compliant forms. Digital record release forms, medical history forms, prescription requests, and other HIPAA compliance forms can save you hours of manual data entry. And the major plus? You get to save time while also maintaining high security standards.

Ready to learn more? Here are 3 ways you can use HIPAA compliant forms to save time when managing electronic medical records and other ePHI.

1) Create and update electronic medical records automatically.

HIPAA compliance forms

Manual data entry is a huge time-sink, especially considering all the human error that’s involved. How many times have you had to manually create a new entry or correct an entry that was updated with the wrong information? It’s time to stop. HIPAA compliance forms can do all that work for you.

For example, say you want to create a new medical record for a patient. You can easily do so by setting up a HIPAA compliant form that collects medical history data, like the one above. Once the patient submits the form, you’ll be able to access the information instantly instead of having to manually create the electronic medical record yourself. Streamlining this process alone will save you hours of time (and stress).

2) Keep information stored in one, secure location.

It’s easy to lose track of information when it’s scattered across departments—or even your desk. You can save your healthcare organization or HR team a lot of time by compiling all that information in one place. Online HIPAA compliance forms make this easy. When someone submits a Formstack form, his or her information is sent to our secure, digital database for easy referral. So instead of searching for records or waiting for data to be passed to your team, you can instantly access the information you need through the database.

Special precautions like auditing, access controls, and logging ensure that only the appropriate personnel, doctors, and other stakeholders have access to sensitive information. And even better? The database can be accessed anywhere via mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

3) Streamline processes and accomplish tasks faster.

When you take away the stress of gathering and storing ePHI, it becomes much easier to focus on other tasks. You can do a lot more with your HIPAA compliant forms than just collect information. For example, you can gather feedback from patients or employees, collect e-signatures on time-sensitive documents, process prescriptions and other requests, send confirmation emails, or gather file uploads. All the tasks you would normally have to do in person, on paper, or over the phone can be accomplished online with HIPAA compliance forms.

Want to learn more about using online forms to save time with ePHI collection? Click below to dive in to Formstack’s HIPAA compliance details.