How to Find the Best HR Tech Solution for Your Business

Written by Ashley Alexander on March 17, 2016

Posted in Human Resources, IT + Security

There’s no denying that human resources management is one of the most important aspects of any business. No matter how big or small, all companies have basic human resources processes that need to be accomplished, including payroll, benefits, and taxes. But completing all of those tasks can get overwhelming if you’re not using a good human resources technology solution that can do the hard work for you.

There are many HR tech solutions to choose from, but which one is right for your HR department? There are certain aspects of your business to consider when determining what kind of tech solution would be the best fit. Here are 3 questions that can help you find the right human resources technology solution for your business:

1. How many employees does my company have?

Size plays a major role in determining what human resources technology solution is right for your business. If your company is fairly large, then you probably need a more robust HR software solution that can handle many different needs, including transactional processes and benefits packages. However, if your business is small (e.g., less than twenty employees), the solution you need can be fairly simple.

When Formstack had under twenty employees back in the day, we managed our own PTO requests using our form builder. Our software made it super easy for us to whip up a PTO request form and route submissions to the correct managers for approval.

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2. What is the scope of my company’s HR need?

Another factor to consider is the needs of your business. How many HR functions do you want to automate? If you’re looking for a tech solution to help with multiple human resources processes—such as managing payroll and benefits, recruiting, hiring, reviewing employee performance, training, and monitoring time and attendance—then you probably need a dedicated and robust HR software, like a PEO or professional employment organization. In addition to their broad functionality, PEOs can help you offer better healthcare rates and benefits packages for employees. Examples of PEOs include Trinet, Insperity, and XcelHR.

3. What are the top HR challenges at my company?

Finally, you need to ask yourself what the biggest HR challenges are for your business. Understanding the problems that your company faces will help you determine what kind of human resources technology solution will work best. Challenges that revolve around functions like managing payroll and benefits usually require a very specific solution, like an outside consultant or the PEOs we mentioned above.

However, if you’re a small company seeing rapid growth, you may have way too many job applications and hiring requests to manage and organize. Using an online form solution is a great way to collect and manage HR data by letting you build and send job applications, hiring request forms, and performance reviews instantly. Online form builders like Formstack can help you simplify your human resources processes through an easy drag-and-drop interface and secure data collection.

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