How to Make More Time for Employee Engagement and Development (Hint: Go Paperless!)

Written by Miranda Nicholson on August 25, 2016

Posted in Form Hacks, Human Resources

Does your HR team still manage its internal processes on paper? If so, you probably don’t have time for much else.

For many, a large portion of the work week (two days, on average) is dedicated to cumbersome administrative tasks (such as gathering employee data via paper documents, organizing the data, and manually entering the data into an electronic system). This means “nice to have” strategies and programs—like those for developing and engaging the company’s workforce—often take a backseat.

In an age where only 13% of employees worldwide feel engaged with their organization, HR professionals would be wise to hone in on engagement strategies. And they know it. “Culture and engagement” was ranked a top issue for all businesses in a recent Deloitte study.

But how do HR leaders find time to focus on employee engagement and development?

Here’s one idea: Create paperless HR processes.

It really is as simple as that. Automating your data collection workflows can do wonders for your productivity. Here are 4 important HR processes you can take online to free up more time for employee engagement and development:

#1: Recruiting

Recruiting top talent is one of the most important functions of any human resources team because a company is only as strong as its workforce. But it can be time-consuming to gather and sift through applications and resumes in search of the perfect hire.

Enter the online job application.

With an online job application, you can quickly gather relevant information—including resumes and cover letters—from any number of candidates with a single form. You can also receive email notifications every time a new candidate submits the application. Plus, you can eliminate the hassle of keeping track of hard-copy applications; all information (including uploaded resumes) can be stored and organized in an online database.

Online Job Application - Paperless HR

Another perk of using an online application is that you can quickly and easily update it to gather more or less information. For example, if you want to add some screener questions to further streamline your hiring process, you can do so with a few quick clicks!

#2: Training

Onboarding is key to retaining and engaging talent, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). And making sure new employees get proper training early on can help ensure successful onboarding.

While live, instructor-led training sessions and lectures can be helpful, they can also take up a pretty big chunk of time for human resources professionals. One way to streamline training processes is through creation of effective online programs.

You can invest in a pricey educational platform, or you can save thousands of dollars (like commercial cleaning company KleenMark) and build simple online training sessions with a tool like Formstack. Have someone on your HR team record a training video and embed the video on a quiz form. Then, simply require new employees to watch the video and answer the subsequent quiz questions.

Voila! With just a little effort on your part, you’ll be able to get new hires up to speed on company policies and procedures in no timeand for weeks, months, or years to come!

#3: Conducting Performance Reviews

Employee reviews are not always fun, but they are useful for keeping employees and managers on the same page. Discussing job performance on a regular basis encourages open communication and employee development. But getting a formalized performance review process in place can be a pain.

If you want a quick and efficient way to conduct quarterly or annual performance reviews across your organization, you must move your review process online. Online employee performance evaluation forms are easy to fill out, and they help ensure employee reviews remain consistent across departments. Plus, they make overall performance and engagement data more accessible to the HR team and company leaders.

Online Employee Performance Review Form - Paperless HR

#4: Gathering Employee Feedback

Business growth often hinges on feedback gathered from employees on company benefits, the work environment, or overall job satisfaction. Making sure employees have a voice can lead to higher employee happiness and retention.

But distributing and analyzing hard-copy (i.e., paper) employee surveys might not be worth it for many time-strapped HR teams. So what should these teams do?

Online surveys can help businesses easily gather and analyze employee feedback. These employee surveys can be sent to all team members at once, and each employee can complete and submit the survey with a few quick clicks or keyboard strokes. Then, the HR department can quickly review the submitted surveys in the online database and easily see trends in the feedback.

Bonus: You can use an online survey to measure employee engagement at your company, and with the time you save through the streamlined survey, you can plan new activities to boost engagement in needed areas!

Online forms are a great solution for streamlining your human resources processes and freeing up time for employee engagement. For more ideas on how you can create a paperless HR department, click below to check out Formstack’s extensive HR form template gallery.