How Digital Marketing Agency Napkin Marketing Uses Formstack to Meet Varied Client Needs

Written by Abby Nieten on September 14, 2016

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Founded in 2010, napkin marketing is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Canada. Operating under the motto “our business is helping your business get more business,” the agency manages clients from a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, finance, retail, technology, and manufacturing.

Napkin Marketing Agency

Director Adina Zaiontz founded the agency after working in the corporate marketing sector for several years. She built her career during the dot-com revolution, so she was exposed to many different approaches to web development. That exposure (which included using other form tools that didn’t help with digital marketing efforts) led her to Formstack.

Zaiontz first used Formstack as a solution for small business clients who needed a simple data collection and payment processing tool on their websites. She was drawn to Formstack’s ease-of-use and versatility, which to this day allows her team to develop customized online forms for diverse client needs. Using Formstack, napkin marketing helps its clients grow their website traffic, automate back-office processes, and get more leads.

“We try to bake Formstack into almost every new website proposal we receive because it has helped turn many of our client sites into lead generators for those businesses,” Zaiontz said.

Here’s the full story:

The Initial Challenge

When napkin marketing first started working with clients, the team discovered that small businesses were in need of certain website capabilities that used to be found only on enterprise sites. For example, many of these business sites required some sort of shopping cart or payment processing capability.

The problem? Most of the existing shopping cart tools were too complex and lacked the user friendly qualities that napkin marketing’s small business clients needed. Custom coded contact lead forms often sent data to a “black hole,” which led to lost sales because clients didn’t know how to collect the lead information or the leads would get lost in the clients’ inboxes. The digital marketing agency needed a simple, cost-effective forms tool that could be used across a number of client websites for both financial transactions and simple lead generation.

Enter Formstack.

The Formstack Fix

Formstack is easy to implement and can be used for many purposes, so it was the perfect tool for napkin marketing. With dozens of integrations and adaptable online form features, Formstack gave napkin marketing the versatility and usability it needed to create custom forms that send auto-responses, accept payments, and more.

“Formstack provides a lot of important automation functionality right out of the box,” Zaiontz said. “Plus, it really simplifies the development process and gets sites live faster because you can add these great capabilities—like calculations, Conditional Logic, customized auto-responses, and even payment processing—that often serve clients and website users better than a full-scale, traditional ecommerce shopping cart.”

Combining Formstack’s multipurpose online forms capabilities with napkin marketing’s digital marketing expertise has been a winning formula for the agency’s clients. Using Formstack, napkin marketing has helped boost business (significantly, in many cases) for a diverse group of companies.

“Formstack has been a game changer for almost every client site where we’ve installed it,” Zaiontz said. “When combined with a smart content and marketing strategy, we’ve seen it make a difference turning client sites from basically static websites into true lead generators that convert visitors into buyers.”

The Agency Advocate

Napkin marketing manages multiple clients with varied marketing needs, and Formstack offers features that have proven particularly useful for this type of agency model. For example, Formstack’s WordPress plugin and dynamic Theme Editor allow the agency to create custom forms that can be embedded seamlessly on client websites. Additionally, napkin marketing is able to create unique share links for clients so they can easily view their form submissions.

“Formstack has been incredible for us to use as a tool on our clients’ websites because it’s so versatile. For the sites we manage, Formstack serves as everything from a standard contact information collection tool to a shopping cart to an alumni database,” Zaiontz said. “It’s allowed us to build truly customized sites that align with our clients’ business strategies. And we’ve been able to do that really cost effectively and efficiently without needing heavy-duty programming resources.”

Here are some examples of the different clients and forms napkin marketing manages with Formstack:

Party Booking Form for Youth Education/Recreation Facility

Formstack + Agency | Online Party Booking Form

This party booking form has automated birthday party bookings for a napkin marketing youth programs client, quadrupling party bookings since the online form was first embedded on the site. Before using a Formstack form, the business was booking parties over the phone or by email, which made it difficult to collect accurate information and led to administrative headaches. The business owner also frequently had to collect payments in person.

Formstack has automated the event booking process for this business by eliminating the back-office administrative task of collecting the party information and by integrating with a payment provider to collect the booking payment online. This has transformed the business and helped them increase their revenue by roughly 350%.

“This company has been able to get more business and use less resources because the form is doing all the work that a staff member used to do—and doing it much more accurately. So Formstack has really empowered this business,” Zaiontz said.

Some of the Formstack features and integrations that have aided in the success of the party booking form are as follows:

  • PayPal, which they use to collect party fees right on the form.
  • Mailchimp, which they use to add new customers to the clients’ email list.
  • Self-calculating fields, which they use to calculate total prices based on how many children are coming to the party, what party add-ons (e.g., loot bags) are selected, and more.
  • Conditional Logic, which they use to keep the form simplified while still gathering additional information when needed.
  • Theme Editor, which they use to ensure the form matches the client’s website design.
  • Custom confirmation email messages, which they use to communicate with clients in a personalized manner after a booking.
  • Discount codes, which they use to give parents a price break on party bookings.

Pain Assessment for Pain Clinic

Formstack + Agency | Online Pain Inventory Quiz

This pain inventory quiz has become a unique lead generator for a napkin marketing medical clinic client and has helped significantly increase new patient referrals to the health center. One key feature used on this form is the custom message submit action, which the client uses to provide submitters with a custom response based on the information entered on the pain assessment. For example, if a user’s answers indicate a high level of pain, the message will prompt him or her to contact the clinic for an in-person evaluation.

While the pain quiz clearly communicates that it is not a replacement for the clinic’s in-person medical assessment, it serves as a conversation starter in providing the patient with information on chronic pain and provides a user friendly online resource for getting in touch with the clinic for a proper medical diagnosis.

Job Application for Accounting Firm

Formstack + Agency | Online Job Application

This job application serves as a key recruitment driver for a napkin marketing financial client, saving the client significant time in finding qualified job applicants. Some of the key functionalities used on the form are the File Upload field, which allows the client to gather applicant resumes, and the Mailchimp integration, which allows the client to automatically add applicants to the client’s email database for follow up.

Alumni Information Form for College

Formstack + Agency | Online College Alumni Information Form

This college alumni update form helps a napkin marketing education client keep track of the ever-changing contact information of its many thousand alumni and graduates. The multi-page form serves as a streamlined way for the college to maintain and update its alumni database. The form is integrated with Mailchimp to ensure alumni receive relevant email communications, and it makes use of the File Upload field to allow alumni to upload a current photo.

Project Quote Request for Food Label Manufacturer

Formstack + Agency | Online Project Quote Request Form

This project request quote form helps a napkin marketing manufacturing client gather pertinent project specifications and qualify buyers at the start of the customer relationship. The form has saved the client tons of time by streamlining the quote request process.

The Bonus Benefit

On top of allowing napkin marketing to create a variety of custom forms for clients, Formstack has also helped the agency keep its clients compliant with Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL). The legislation requires all businesses in Canada to get people’s consent before sending them promotional emails.

According to Zaiontz, online forms are the best way to get the necessary consent and stay in compliance with CASL. So napkin marketing uses Formstack to build email permission consent forms—like the one below—that integrate with Mailchimp and meet CASL requirements. Formstack’s database provides an added benefit because it can serve as an audit trail for clients, which means they can quickly and easily show proof that the people on their email list have agreed to receive the company’s communications.

Online Forms + CASL Compliance

The Takeaway

Using a versatile online form builder like Formstack can help agencies build high-converting online forms for a variety of clients. Formstack even has an agency program dedicated to easing the pain of managing multiple client forms. If you’re interested in learning more about how Formstack can help your agency manage clients with diverse needs, click below to explore our agency solutions.