4 (More) Employee Retention Strategies That Work

Written by Miranda Nicholson on October 24, 2016

Posted in Human Resources

Previously, we shared insights on 4 employee retention strategies that work. Since then, we’ve discovered even more ways to keep top employees on board.

Considering 50–60% of employees regularly search for a new job, most human resources teams have their work cut out for them when it comes to employee retention. And that means it’s a high priority to develop new strategies for keeping employees around long-term.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. I’m here to offer some proven strategies for reducing employee turnover. Here are 4 employee retention tactics that can help you build a satisfied—and seasoned—workforce for your organization:

#1: Set Expectations from Day Zero

That’s right: day zero.

If you want employees to stay with your company for the long haul, you have to make sure people have accurate expectations of the work environment, culture, and workforce before they even apply for a job. Pay attention to company communications and ensure your organization is clearly represented in all areas.

This starts with your web page and extends to your social media presence and even your job applications. Make sure your culture shines through these media and that you are painting an accurate picture of what it’s like to work for your organization. Include detailed job requirements and company descriptions (or even an “About Us” video) on your applications so interested parties can more easily determine if they are a good fit for the job and company.

At Formstack, in addition to having an active social media presence across the web, we maintain a Careers web page that offers full transparency into our culture values, benefits, and company happenings.

Formstack Careers Page

#2: Provide Adequate Training

Did you know that up to 20% of new employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days on the job? A lot of factors can contribute to this early turnover, but insufficient training is high on the list. If employees don’t feel equipped to do their jobs, they won’t want to stick around. So training should be an integral part of your company’s onboarding process.

Developing new employee training programs can be an investment, but the time and expense required are worth it when you consider the impact: you are preparing employees to handle their job responsibilities and be productive team members for, hopefully, many years.

The good news? Building training programs doesn’t have to be as expensive (or difficult) as you think. You can easily create simple training courses with the same online form builder you use for other HR processes. With Formstack, you can embed training videos or reading assignments right on a form and create a quiz to evaluate each employee’s acquired knowledge.

Formstack Training Example

#3: Automate Menial Tasks

Another great strategy for retaining employees is to cut down on the amount of tedious work they need to complete. Automating employee workflows can seriously boost on-the-job happiness, which compels employees to stay with your company for longer periods of time.

Expediting onboarding paperwork, PTO requests, project approvals, and other menial or repetitive tasks through online forms can alleviate employee stress and free up time for employees to focus on tasks they actually enjoy. This sort of task automation can also empower employees to work with less oversight.

New Employee IT Request Form

#4: Offer Rewards and Incentives

If you don’t want your employees to check out early, it’s a good idea to offer some rewards and incentives. This may sound a bit elementary, but it plays into the basic human need to feel valued.

A few simple ways to reward your employees and show you care include paying them well, offering good healthcare or retirement savings benefits plans, and providing small perks like paid lunches or flexible scheduling—or even approved day trips to the state fair.

Formstack Culture

Additionally, you can incentivize your employees by giving regular promotions or pay raises based on performance. Nearly 35% of employees say they will start looking for a new job if they don’t receive a pay raise within 12 months, so these types of incentives can be an important part of your employee retention plan.

Formstack can help you with HR task automation so you have more time to focus on employee retention strategies. Click below to learn how USA Sport Group uses Formstack to streamline human resources processes.