How Miami Web Company Saved 50 Hours and Increased Submissions 114% Using Formstack

Written by Abby Nieten on April 4, 2016

Posted in Case Studies, Form Hacks

Miami Web Company is an Internet marketing agency based in southern Florida. The key function of the company is to help clients create viable business websites that bring in customers. These clients generate business mainly through online forms, so Miami Web Company tapped Formstack as a form building resource.

Miami Web Company + Formstack

As part of a complete website development project, the marketing agency recently used Formstack to create multiple online forms for the International Society of Plastic & Regenerative Surgeons (ISPRES), including a membership sign-up form with over 35 fields. Formstack’s ease-of-use and centralized dashboard allowed ISPRES to collect and manage 1,100 sign-ups across 90 countries in just 30 days. Additionally, Formstack allowed Miami Web Company to save roughly 50 hours in development time and increase the conversion rate of the ISPRES sign-up form by 114%.

Here’s the full story:

The Challenge

Miami Web Company mostly works with clients in the healthcare industry. For these clients, online forms are the main point of conversion on their websites. Additionally, many of these clients, including ISPRES, have a strong need to get their websites and forms up and running in a short period of time.

In order to provide a top-notch service and meet client expectations, Miami Web Company needed a way to quickly and easily build online forms that were secure and could be embedded seamlessly on any website.

“Creating forms from scratch takes a long time, especially if you’re trying to make the forms secure so you can process personal data without getting spammed,” said Founder and Director of Internet Marketing Erik Gonzalez. “We needed a better solution.”

The Choice

In the early stages of searching for an online form builder, Miami Web Company tried both Formstack and Wufoo. The company ultimately chose Formstack over Wufoo because Formstack was more successful at meeting Miami Web Company’s greatest need: seamless website integration. Formstack offered greater flexibility with embedding online forms.

“The biggest thing was that we wanted to integrate the form into the website and have it look seamless,” Gonzalez said. “We didn’t want the user to go to Wufoo or another host to fill out a form.”

The Formstack Fix

Formstack’s easy embed functionality recently came in handy when Miami Web Company was tasked with creating a website and multiple forms for the International Society of Plastic & Regenerative Surgeons over a one-month time span.

The main online form created was a membership sign-up form with over 35 fields. The goal was to gather approximately 1,000 members for the society from around the world. Using Formstack, Miami Web Company helped ISPRES collect 1,100 signups from 90 different countries.

“With 90 different countries, you’re talking about different Internet speeds and operating systems. And as a developer, you’re worrying about if people are still using Internet Explorer 7 or 6 or Firefox,” Gonzalez said. “If you have to code all that from scratch, it’s going to take too long. With Formstack’s service, we were able to get these forms out really quickly.”

Formstack saved Miami Web Company an estimated 50 hours in total during the month-long ramp-up with ISPRES because the marketing agency was able to make quick changes to the membership sign-up form and relaunch it 17 times. And these changes made a huge impact. Miami Web Company increased conversions on the ISPRES signup form from 29% to 62% throughout the month. Changing the online form from a single-page setup to a multi-page setup was a big factor in the conversion jump.

“Making all the changes we made would have been a lot more time-consuming if we didn’t have a service like Formstack,” Gonzalez said.

Additionally, Formstack’s centralized dashboard helped the ISPRES team with data management because society members from the United States, China, Greece, and Italy could all easily view the submissions. And this saved Miami Web Company more time because no one had to worry about distributing the information; anyone who needed to view it could do so right in Formstack.

The Unexpected Benefit

When Miami Web Company first started using Formstack, the company was just looking for a simple online form builder. But Formstack ended up solving an unexpected problem with collecting payments online.

“At first, we just needed basic forms, but then clients started doing events and needed a way to capture event registrations and payments,” Gonzalez said. “Formstack’s Stripe integration allowed us to start taking payments for clients online. It was really easy. If you try to build a payment system online from scratch, it will take a lot longer than what you can do with Formstack.”

Miami Web Company put this feature to use as part of the month-long ISPRES development project. The company created an event registration form for a medical conference ISPRES was hosting in China. Registration for the conference required payment collection, and Formstack’s Stripe integration helped ISPRES collect payments from multiple countries.

The Takeaway

If you have a functional business website, you likely have a need for online forms. Harnessing the power of a robust form builder like Formstack can save you a ton of time when it comes to collecting and managing information. If you’re interested in seeing how Formstack can help you streamline data management at your organization, sign up for a free trial below.