3 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation

Written by Heather Mueller on January 22, 2016

Posted in Form Optimization

Your WordPress website is a goldmine of opportunity. All those pages and posts are poised to be a steady source of prospects, possibilities, and sales for your business.

So why is lead generation still so challenging?

If your web pages aren’t generating enough high-quality leads, it could be that you haven’t found the right mix of lead capture tools.

In this post, we’ll walk you through a suite of handpicked WordPress plugins you can use to supercharge your lead generation campaigns.

Don’t worry: We’re not going to bombard you with an exhaustive list of every possible integration you might want to try but don’t actually have the time to use. Rather, this short list of proven WordPress plugins is intended for time-strapped marketers looking to capture more leads.

1. Title Experiments (to entice leads)

For lead capture to work, you’ll first need a way to attract high-value prospects to your website.

Enter Title Experiments. This handy WordPress plugin lets you easily test your first line of lead generation offense: the headline.

A good headline will convince visitors to skim some highlighted text on your landing page, take in a few bullet points, and even make it all the way to your call to action. With the Title Experiments WordPress Plugin, you can easily A/B test the first and most important headline most people will see: the title tag that appears in Google search results.

Each time you write a new landing page or blog post, craft two or three variations of a headline and plug them into the Title Experiments “lab” prior to publishing:

Title Experiments WordPress Plugin

Then let the plugin do its thing. Title Experiments will measure which title tag is attracting the most leads and automatically present the highest performing headline to more and more people:

Title Experiments WordPress Plugin

2. Formstack (to capture leads)

You know not to focus solely on website traffic, right? A million visits will do you no good if you aren’t turning casual visitors into promising prospects and paying customers.

For that, you need lead capture forms.

The Formstack plugin is ideal for this. It has more integrations than other WordPress form builders and lets you A/B test two different versions of a form to see which one generates more leads. You can capture data from your WordPress site and feed it directly to dozens of other lead generation tools, from Salesforce and HubSpot to Google AdWords and Analytics.

Start by using your online Formstack account to drag and drop your way to custom, branded lead capture forms. Then use the plugin to embed them in any page or post:

Formstack WordPress Plugin

You can also drop a form into your sidebar through a widget that automatically optimizes the form’s CSS so it will fit and look great:

Formstack WordPress Widget

Best of all: When your site visitors submit the embedded form, Formstack captures their information and provides in-depth analytics so you can optimize your lead generation efforts.

3. Yoast SEO (to attract leads)

Yoast SEO is a popular plugin—it has over a million active installs as of the writing of this post. The bulk of those users rely on it to score and grade keywords as they’re incorporated into WordPress landing pages and blog posts.

But search engine optimization is just one aspect of the Yoast plugin. There’s another setting that’s equally important for lead generation efforts that often gets overlooked.

What is it? Social media optimization. In addition to adding title tags and meta descriptions to your WordPress website, you can configure the social settings within Yoast SEO to gain control over how your content appears when it’s shared on social media:

YoastSEO WordPress Plugin for Lead Generation

Talk about an insanely easy way to attract more leads!

With just a few basic plugins and minimal effort, you can make some big strides in your lead generation efforts. How many quality leads could your company capture with these three simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugins?

Anxious to get started? Be sure to sign up for a free trial of Formstack below!