Infographic: Unlocking the Mystery of Lead Capture Success

Written by Abby Nieten on February 23, 2016

Posted in Analytics, Infographics

At its core, marketing is a mysterious practice. And it can be a tough code to crack. Marketers send messages into the world with no guarantee that those messages will resonate with their target audience. They analyze their campaigns and strategies and work to prove their return on investment (ROI), but they often still miss the mark.

Where are marketers going wrong?

We recently surveyed over 200 small and midsize U.S. businesses and nonprofits to get a good picture of the current lead capture landscape. Our latest infographic breaks down the data by revealing three avenues marketers can take to solve their top problems and capture more quality leads. Follow the clues in the infographic below to unlock the mystery.

And don’t stop there! Explore our full “The State of Lead Capture in 2016” report for more key insights on lead capture challenges and strategies.

Formstack Lead Capture Infographic