Formstack in the News: February 2016

Written by Abby Nieten on February 29, 2016

Posted in In the News

February is an awesome time for the Formstack crew. Did you know that our official birthday was over the weekend? Formstack was founded on February 28, 2006, so we are celebrating 10 years as a biz! Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

We’ve got awesome celebrations coming up next month, but this month we are celebrating great Formstack recognition in the news. We launched some cool content and have been featured on great sites this month, so we wanted to give you a rundown of some of our coolest highlights:

  • Social Media Explorer. Insanely Simple Tips to Launch Your Core Metrics. Formstack was featured in this great list on best practices to boost the essential social media metrics, like engagement and reach. Our annual Form Conversion Report includes data on the ideal amount of form fields to include, which can help boost conversions on a social media contest or other marketing campaigns.
  • Entrepreneur. 3 Ways to Let Failure Cultivate Culture. Our CEO, Chris Byers, spoke last year at an Indianapolis conference called Failfest, and he took his presentation and wrote on the highlights for Entrepreneur. Failure is a key part of company growth, and Byers offered some tips on how to harness it for better problem solving and company transparency.
  • The State of Lead Capture in 2016. Formstack recently launched a survey research report on lead capture trends and opportunities for marketers. It includes some great findings on marketing problems and wins, and we’ve gotten some great coverage for the content around the web, including pieces in FierceCMO, MarketingIO, and Sociable.

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