4 Online Form Integrations to Better Track Your Marketing Leads

Written by Abby Nieten on February 18, 2016

Posted in Form Optimization, Lead Generation

It’s 2016. Do you know where your marketing leads are?

If you’re still not tracking your captured leads to gather actionable insights on your marketing campaigns, it’s high time you got out of the dark. But with all the available tools, where do you even begin? Believe it or not, it could be as easy as flipping a switch on a few form builder features.

Formstack offers dozens of integrations with tools you already use. These integrations seamlessly connect Formstack with other software and eliminate the need to manually transfer data from platform to platform—which means you can better monitor the behavior of the leads you capture via your online form.

Based on the information we gathered in our latest research report—“The State of Lead Capture in 2016”—some of Formstack’s available integrations could help with your lead capture and tracking efforts. Here are 4 online form integrations you should consider implementing this year:

#1: Content Management System (CMS)

Connecting your online forms with your favorite content management tool is a great place to start. Formstack has CMS integrations that allow you to embed your online forms on your website via top content management tools like WordPress and HubSpot.

Why is this important? According to our research, websites are the number one medium for capturing high-quality leads. Over 23% of the marketers we surveyed attributed their best leads to their organic website traffic.

Your online form serves as the main conversion point on your site, so linking it with your CMS can give you better insight into what’s boosting or halting your website conversions. You can run A/B tests on your form to see what resonates with your website visitors, and you can sift through in-depth form analytics to optimize your lead generation efforts.

In-depth analytics from Formstack

#2: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our research found that two of the top goals for marketers in 2016 are generating better quality leads and increasing sales. But surprisingly, only 39% of marketers are proving ROI on paid campaigns by measuring customer relationships like new sales. And only 19% of marketers report using customer relationship software to track their best quality leads.

If you use online forms (and who in the marketing world doesn’t?), one easy way to better track sales data is to link your lead capture forms to your CRM platform. With Formstack’s CRM integrations, you can collect lead information via an online form and automatically route that information to your CRM—systematically aligning your data collection and distribution efforts.

Even better? Integrating your form with your CRM allows you to track your brand’s interactions with your leads from their moment of capture to the point of sale and beyond.

#3: Email Marketing

With all the changes in digital marketing over the years, email marketing has remained a pretty steady driver of leads. In fact, the marketers we surveyed for our “The State of Lead Capture in 2016” research report ranked email marketing as the number two medium for generating a high volume of leads and the number three medium for capturing quality leads.

So how can you quickly ramp up your email marketing efforts to take advantage of this powerful medium? Start by integrating your form with a top email marketing platform. With Formstack’s email integrations, you can add leads to email lists (or update their existing contact information) as soon as they submit your form. This automated data routing means you can focus on your email nurture programs rather than manual data entry, and your leads can start seeing engaging brand messages in their inboxes right away. It’s win-win!

#4: Google Analytics

There’s no doubt that analytics rule the marketing world. If you don’t have a way to gather insights on your marketing campaigns, you can’t confidently scale your efforts. So marketers are increasingly turning to analytics platforms to get an inside look at the performance of their web pages and paid ads.

According to our research, 27% of marketers use analytics to inform their paid optimization strategies (making it the most-used method among our survey respondents). Additionally, 47.4% of marketers listed Google Analytics as one of the apps they use most often to track their best quality leads.

Did you know you can connect your Formstack account to your Google Analytics account to send form analytics to Google? With our Google Analytics plugin, you can automatically pass your conversion details to Google Analytics to keep all your website tracking data in one place. You can also gather helpful information like what devices visitors are using to view your form or how much time they are spending on your form. And you can track form actions—or events—like if a user saves the form, navigates through a multi-page form, or submits the form.

Formstack Plugin with Google Analytics


If you’re interested in diving deeper into the lead capture challenges marketers are facing in 2016, be sure to check out our “The State of Lead Capture in 2016” report.

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