6 Form Features Your HR Director Will Love

Written by Miranda Nicholson on March 10, 2016

Posted in Form Hacks, Human Resources

If those who work in human resources at your company are like most, they juggle a lot of information and documents. They are constantly gathering data and signatures from employees and working to keep the information confidential, secure, and organized.

If you haven’t implemented an online data collection system for your HR team, you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve human resources management. An online form builder like Formstack can cut some serious time off your HR processes.


With a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily create any number of human resources forms and automate submission follow-up, Formstack is a versatile data capture tool. And it boasts a wide set of features that your HR director will love:

#1: Form Security

If you’re collecting sensitive employee information (as most HR departments do), you need to ensure security measures are in place. Formstack makes it easy for you to protect your human resources forms with multiple levels of security.

You can secure your forms with 256-bit SSL (the industry standard in browser security) or password protection. You can also encrypt the form submission data stored in the Formstack database and use PGP email encryption for the data shared via email.

Data Encryption for Human Resources Forms

#2: Section 508 Compliance

If you use online forms for your job applications, it’s a good idea to make sure your forms are Section 508 Compliant—or accessible to users with disabilities. If your organization is federally funded, this is especially important. Government agencies, public K-12 schools, and nonprofit organizations are required to use Section 508 Compliant software.

Formstack is the only third-party online form builder that offers Section 508 Compliant forms. This means any human resources forms you create with Formstack can be read and completed by all Internet users.

#3: Electronic Signatures

A lot of human resources forms require signatures. For example, employees might be asked to sign disciplinary forms, employee handbook forms, and equipment check-out forms. Allowing employees to sign electronically is a great way to streamline human resources management.

Formstack makes collecting e-signatures on a form easy with its Electronic Signatures feature. With this feature, HR team members can collect employee signatures via any mobile device or computer and save the signatures in their Formstack database.

#4: Approval Workflow

HR workflow processes that require several data approvals can be time-consuming and disorganized without the proper tools. Managing job candidates or signing off on leave requests can be simplified using Formstack’s Approval Workflow feature.

With Approval Workflow, your HR team can standardize processes by setting up specific approvers for various form submissions. For example, a hiring manager can be set as an approver for submissions on a job application. Approvers are automatically notified via email when their approval is needed on a submission, and they can approve or deny from anywhere or on any device without logging into Formstack.

#5: Email Integrations

If you’re looking to improve internal communications at your organization, Formstack’s email integrations can help. Connecting your human resources forms with your email system allows you to automate employee emails.

You can set up an automatic welcome email to send after a new employee fills out a new hire form, or you can create segmented email lists based on departmental information you gather on employee information forms.

#6: Calculating Fields

Human resources management often involves managing performance review processes (via performance assessment forms) and gauging employee happiness (via satisfaction surveys). With Formstack, you can quickly create online forms to streamline your data collection in these areas. You can also make use of self-calculating form fields to total numbered form responses, such as satisfaction and performance ratings. These fields can help you quickly determine an overall happiness or performance score.

Want to see how these form features can improve human resources management at your organization? Click below to try them out for two weeks via a FREE Formstack trial.