Here to Help: Implementing Top Form Features and Integrations for your Finance Team

Written by Jessica Haas on August 3, 2016

Posted in Here to Help, Workflow Automation

“Here to Help” is a support column written especially for Formstack’s awesome, loyal customers.

If you work in finance or accounting, you likely spend a lot of time collecting and managing important financial information for your company. From processing travel reimbursements to check requests to vendor approvals and beyond, your work is an impressive act of juggling numbers and data.

Did you know Formstack can help you streamline these processes and save time? Our online form builder is packed with useful tools to help you create robust accounting and finance forms to automate your workflows.

If you’re not familiar with all the ways Formstack can help you manage financial data, don’t fret! I’m here to fill you in.

Last week, we covered Formstack features and integrations for HR teams. This week, we’re diving into the features and integrations best suited for finance and accounting teams. Below are 5 that can be added to your accounting forms to streamline financial processes.


With Formstack, you can safely collect financial data and get the sign-off you need. Plus, you can make sure people take the appropriate next steps after their financial submissions. Here are a few Formstack features that can help:

Electronic Signatures

With Formstack, you can add a Signature field to any form to easily gather electronic signatures on tax documents, financial contracts, insurance paperwork, and more. The best part? Our e-signature fields are mobile-friendly, so people can sign from anywhere!

Simply drag and drop our Signature field onto your accounting forms, and you’re good to go!

E-Signatures on Online Forms

Note: All electronic signatures submitted on your forms are saved as image files and stored in your Formstack account.

Approval Workflow

Formstack’s Approval Workflow feature can help you eliminate pesky email strings and get the financial approvals you need in no time! By allowing you to add specific approvers to your form submissions, Formstack standardizes your approval processes.

For example, a specific finance team member can be set as an approver on an expense reimbursement request. That team member will receive an automatic email notification when someone submits a request, and he or she can approve or deny the request without logging into Formstack—which means the person who submitted the request can get his or her reimbursement faster!

For details on how to add an approval process to your finance forms, check out our post on implementing Approval Workflow. (Note: Basic setup is pretty easy and starts with going to Settings > Approvals and adding email addresses for desired approvers.)

Submit Actions

Formstack’s submit actions allow you to send people confirmation messages upon submission of your financial forms and/or to direct them to another form or next steps in the accounting process.

Simply go to Settings > Emails & Redirects, and you’ll see all the options for setting up custom notification and confirmation emails or choosing another action for after the form is submitted.

Formstack Emails and Redirects

If you select to make a change under “After the Form is Submitted,” you’ll see a box with the various submit action options.

Formstack Submit Actions

Use these submit actions to direct users to another form in a series of tax information forms, to send them to an informative web page, or to simply give them confirmation that their financial information was submitted successfully.


One of the best ways to save time on your financial processes is by connecting your financial forms to existing tools to automatically send the data where it needs to go. Formstack integrates with a handful of third-party apps that you may already be using for accounting purposes. Here are two:


FreshBooks is a cloud accounting software that allows you to manage financial transactions like billing and invoicing. Connecting your Formstack accounting forms to FreshBooks allows you to automatically create FreshBooks clients, invoices, and estimates from form submissions.

When a FreshBooks-connected form is submitted, Formstack searches the FreshBooks database for a matching email. If the email exists, the client information is updated based on the information submitted on the form. If the email does not exist, a new client is created. Additionally, the integration can create a new draft invoice or estimate for the client based on the information from the form.

To link FreshBooks to your financial forms, go to Settings > Integration Hub > Accounting, and click “Add” in the FreshBooks box.

FreshBooks + Formstack

This will take you through a series of steps to connect your FreshBooks account with your Formstack account. For more details on those steps, visit our FreshBooks Support doc.


Authorize.Net is a payment processor that allows you to collect payments for your business. Connecting your finance forms to Authorize.Net allows you to securely collect the payment information you need and smoothly process it through a trusted payment processor.

Use your Formstack forms and Authorize.Net to manage recurring billing, transactions for your online store pages, event registration payments, donations, and more. Go to Settings > Integration Hub > Payments, and click “Add” in the Authorize.Net box.

Authorize.Net + Formstack

This will walk you through the process of connecting your Authorize.Net account to your Formstack account and mapping your form fields appropriately. For more details on the steps you should take, check out our Authorize.Net Support doc.

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