How to Convert Facebook Fans Into Leads

Written by Heather Mueller on January 18, 2016

Posted in Lead Generation

When Copyblogger killed its company page due to a lack of Facebook leads, marketers everywhere were in shock. Could this be a sign of the end of Facebook lead generation?

“As of today, the page has 38,000 ‘fans,but Copyblogger’s presence on Facebook has not been beneficial for the brand or its audience.”

That’s what the company’s consultant had to say about the move. Whether it was the right one is another discussion, but suffice it to say that Facebook lead generation has boggled marketers for years. When it comes to generating meaningful conversations with actual customers, many brands still struggle to find a reliable way to garner Facebook leads from likes.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to turn fans into customers? Or feed new followers directly into your sales and marketing software?

There is. It’s called Facebook Tab Embed.

This Formstack feature allows users to integrate Facebook lead generation forms directly into the social media network itself. It was released right around the time Copyblogger was leaving Facebook, and it’s since been shown to double conversion rates.

Here’s how to set it up within Formstack (within Gold and Platinum plans):

First, select the form you want to embed. Head over to the “Publish” tab and click on “Social Media.” You’ll see the “Facebook Tab Application” at the top of the page.

Facebook Tab Embed Authentication

Next, click the “Authenticate your Facebook account” link. A popup window will appear asking you to sign in to Facebook and select the page where you’d like to embed the form.

Facebook Page for Tab Embed

From here, you can easily customize what’s displayed in the Formstack Tab by visiting your settings on Facebook.

Adjusting Facebook Tab Embed

That’s it! Within minutes, you’ll have an embedded form that Facebook users can submit as soon as they visit your page:

Facebook Lead Generation with Tab Embed

Once set up, there are all kinds of ways to leverage online forms to creatively capture more leads. We’ve covered a few ideas here. In addition, be sure to integrate each form with your:

  • Email marketing tools to initiate one-on-one conversations with new fans and followers
  • Payment processors to let people purchase product or event tickets without leaving Facebook

It’s no secret that many people will like a Facebook page and then never visit it again. Facebook Tab Embed gives them a chance to interact with your brand in more meaningful ways, well before Facebook’s algorithm has a chance to bury your unpaid updates in social feeds. Facebook lead generation is alive and well!

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