3 Ways Our Customers Helped Us Rock 2015

Written by Formstack on February 5, 2016

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2015 was a fantastic year for Formstack—not only for our Customer Experience team, but also for our awesome customers who build their businesses with us. We hit some pretty big milestones, so we wanted to take the opportunity to share these wins and give a shout out to our customers and team who made 2015 a success!

Here are some of the great things we accomplished last year:

#1: Our Customer Experience team supported a growing user base.

The Formstack Customer Experience team is committed to providing timely, quality service to our massive customer base, which now includes over 530,000 users with more than 1 million active forms. In 2015, the team solved over 40,000 support cases and hosted 20 support webinars (including additions to the “Formstack 101” series, like the one linked below). Additionally, our support help site saw traffic from over 200,000 visitors. That’s a lot of problem-solving, folks!

Formstack Support Webinar on Field Logic

#2: We improved our support site using feedback from customers.

In 2015, our Customer Experience team focused on gauging customer satisfaction and improving support processes. We added Nicereply to the end of every email response sent, which allowed us to gather information on customer satisfaction. Nearly 1,500 customers submitted feedback via Nicereply and gave our team an average happiness rating of 96%.

The team also launched a new help portal and started collecting customer feedback on help docs, which were deemed “Very Helpful” by 87% of respondents. Additionally, in response to feedback from users, the Customer Experience team added over 60 new help docs, FAQs, and videos to the support site.

All this hard work in 2015 landed Formstack’s support team in the 94th percentile for customer service compared to other customer service providers (according to Nicereply, where the average customer service rating is 75%).

#3: We got some awesome recognition from other companies.

Last year, Formstack was recognized by Nucleus Research for our outstanding implementation of Salesforce Desk.com for all-company support. We received an ROI Award for implementing the software with a return on investment (ROI) of 2,274%. Formstack was also featured on Desk.com for successfully using the software to provide high-quality support to our customers.

Thank you!

In addition to all these 2015 wins, we’re excited to share that we will be celebrating our 10th year as a company this year! We want to thank all of our customers for a great 2015 and for a decade of Formstack! These achievements would not be possible without you being a part of our growth.

You rock!

-Formstack’s Customer Experience Team

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