How WSI Logix Used Formstack to Develop a Marketing Service That Reveals ROI

Written by Abby Nieten on December 22, 2015

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WSI Logix is a boutique digital marketing firm serving small- to medium-sized businesses in the Arizona market. A couple years ago, Owner and Chief Marketing Strategist Scott Robbins saw a need to begin shifting the focus of client success reporting from hard web analytics to business-centric results, such as specific monetary returns on each channel of digital marketing.

To help shape his plans for WSI Logix, Robbins searched for a tool that could effectively capture and track leads, as well as integrate with his clients’ various customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. After much trial and error with other platforms, Robbins came across Formstack and quickly realized it was the piece of the puzzle he was missing. With the addition of Formstack, WSI Logix was able to start offering its customers a robust marketing automation service.

Over the last six months, WSI Logix has implemented Formstack for roughly 25% of its clients, helping those businesses gather powerful insights into lead behavior to inform their marketing budgets.

WSI Logix

Here’s the full story:

The Challenge

When Robbins first attempted to provide an effective lead capture and tracking solution for WSI Logix clients, he ran into two major challenges.

First, he needed a lead capture platform that would work with users’ existing CRMs to better track leads. WSI Logix clients use several different CRMs—from well-known systems like Salesforce to smaller brands like Insightly and Capsule—and were not willing or able to switch to a different CRM system. Most of the lead capture platforms on the market require the use of their CRM to properly attribute visitor traffic source and to follow visitors through the entire sales process. For this reason, Robbins struggled to find a proper solution for WSI Logix clients. 

“Without the ability to sync lead capture up with a client’s CRM, the lead data would never really get reconciled,” Robbins said. “The data was there, but our clients couldn’t track it back to sales.”

Second, Robbins needed a way to capture lead source to help his clients better allocate their marketing spend. He looked at a few online form builders, including Wufoo and Gravity Forms, but most of them weren’t able to provide data on the specific marketing channels used to draw in prospects, which was essential to the WSI Logix business strategy.

“The problem with the other form utilities we tried was that they weren’t capturing lead source,” Robbins said. “So if somebody came in via an email campaign, all we knew was that the lead got submitted; we still had no idea where it came from.”

The Formstack Fix

When Robbins found Formstack, he found the solution to his two principal problems. Formstack’s versatility eliminated the CRM issue because data collected in Formstack can be routed to virtually any CRM via integrations or API and webhooks. Additionally, Formstack has a UTM Tracking feature that allows lead source data to be collected and automatically passed into a CRM.

“The power of Formstack is that our clients can now track ‘Joe Smith’ from inception to close,” Robbins said. “They can see that ‘Joe’ came in from a specific PPC campaign and purchased a $2,000 product. It’s real data. They aren’t just seeing 12 leads from PPC. They’re seeing $24,000 closed from PPC spend. That’s what gets clients super excited—because they know how many leads they received, they know where the leads came from, and they know if the leads closed.”

A real-life example? WSI Logix has a couple clients who are home builders, which means their leads can be worth as much as $400,000. Through the services WSI Logix provides using Formstack, the home builders are able to see significant return on investment when a lead closes. Before Formstack, these clients were questioning the value of a $500/month pay per click (PPC) spend. Now, once they see that two homes have closed because of leads generated via PPC spend, they want to spend even more on the campaign.

On top of the CRM integration and lead attribution aspects of Formstack, Robbins has seen other value in the tool. For example, WSI Logix clients have used Formstack’s Partial Submissions feature to capture important user information as well as Formstack’s AdWords integration to track user interactions back to analytics and reporting.

“We genuinely feel like we are super close to being able to outperform some of the bigger-name marketing automation tools at a fraction of the cost,” Robbins said. “With all of Formstack’s integrations, we’ve created this real marketing system—and we aren’t telling people they have to move to a different CRM platform. We can say, ‘You don’t have to do anything different. Just sign up with us, and you’ll get all this data you never had before.’”

The Future

Robbins has implemented Formstack for about 25% of his clients, but he hopes to have at least 50% of the WSI Logix family using it in the near future. Additionally, Robbins is looking forward to further exploring Formstack’s many integrations—particularly those for payments, email marketing, and Dropbox.

Overall, the current and future focus for WSI Logix is on understanding all the data Formstack can provide and making sure clients are harnessing that data in the most effective way.

“A lot of how we envision the company moving forward is tied to our ability to utilize Formstack to do the things we need to do to be a competitive digital agency,” Robbins said.

The Takeaway

The ability to track a lead from point of entry to close—and to see the revenue brought in from a specific marketing spend—is game-changing for a business. If you’re interested in learning how Formstack can help you see the ROI on your marketing spend, click below to sign up for a free trial of our conversion optimization features.

Please note: We have discontinued the AdWords integration mentioned in this case study. For more information on the available lead capture features Formstack offers, please contact our Support team.