Web Form Checklist: 10 Steps to Closing More Conversions

Written by Jacob Powell on April 23, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

What do conversion rate optimization, content marketing, and lead nurturing have in common?

They all rely on high quality leads. And there’s really only one way to capture those: You need effective web forms—ones that attract attention, are easy to fill out, and give you access to all the right data.

Not sure where to start? The following checklist is for you. Before you embed or share a new form on your website, take cues from our latest Form Conversion Report discoveries and make sure you can say “yes” to each of the following questions.

1. Is every field necessary?
A ten-field contact form asking for name, phone, email, company, address, job title, department, and more isn’t likely to get many submissions. But a survey might. The type of form you’re building will directly impact the number of fields it’s safe to include. Event registration forms, for instance, include an average of 15 fields and convert at 11%. Surveys tend to convert at 14% despite having seven more fields than the typical registration.

2. Is it mobile friendly?
Make sure you’ve optimized your form to keep mobile users from abandoning it.

3. Did you customize the “submit” button?
Don’t be held hostage by the word “submit!” This placeholder text is meant to be customized based on the type of form you’re building and audience you’re trying to reach. Two-word phrases like “submit registration” and “submit survey” perform better than the standard “submit,” increasing conversion rates as much as 320%. Encouraging action can help, too. Leading words like “continue” and “next” convert at double and quadruple the rate of “submit” when they’re used to help guide users through multi-page forms.

4. Did you select the right location?
You can boost your conversion rates easily by simply picking the perfect form placement.

5. Does it span multiple pages?
Believe it or not, shorter isn’t always better. Multi-page forms that use features like page breaks and progress bars convert at more than triple the rate of single-page forms. If your one-page form includes more than two or three fields, there’s a good chance your fonts are too tiny or fields are too small. Don’t shy away from bigger fonts, longer fields, and larger header imagery that tend to make online forms easier to digest.

6. Did you customize the confirmation message?
You can start nurturing leads right away with custom confirmation emails and thank-you pages.

7. Does it include “smart” features?
Online forms that automatically show or hide questions based on responses (called Conditional Logic at Formstack) convert more traffic. This dynamic setup can increase conversion rates for many types of forms, from registrations and surveys to lead gen forms and even contests. Why? Because users aren’t distracted or intimidated by irrelevant questions and can get to your “submit” button faster.

8. Do colors, fonts, and images match your company’s branding?
One Formstack survey revealed that 42% of companies maximize conversion rates simply by creating a custom, branded theme.

9. Have you enabled social features?
The average form conversion rate among Formstack users who take advantage of Social Autofill is almost three times higher than it is for those who don’t. Likewise, conversion rate averages jump from 9% to 20% when users embed forms on Facebook pages. The easier you make it for people to fill out forms with social features like these, the more leads you’ll capture.

10. Did you set benchmarks and sync analytics?
Syncing your form with Google Analytics will help you answer important questions once submissions start rolling in. How long does it take for people to fill out your form? What devices and browsers are they using? How are these and other factors impacting your form’s conversion rate? If you’ve set benchmarks, you’ll be able to further optimize your form as you collect these and other key insights.

Be sure to check out the Form Conversion Report for inspiration and direction on how you can close more conversions!