How to Upsell Your Customers Using Conditional Logic

Written by Heather Mueller on May 6, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

If you’re familiar with Formstack’s Conditional Logic feature, you’ve likely used it to:

Did you know you can also use Conditional Logic to make more money? If you’re building forms to reach….

  • Members
  • Subscribers
  • Paying customers
  • Event attendees

…you should absolutely be looking for ways to upsell customers with Conditional Logic. This feature lets you easily customize which form fields and descriptions users see based on their answers.

For example, let’s say you manage a recreation program or facility that’s preparing to promote a series of summer classes and camps. You could start by creating one set of event fees for program members:


And another for non-members:


Then add a question so the right list of fees pops up based on membership status:


Now you’re all set to use Conditional Logic for the upsell. In this example, you’d use it to customize your message for any users who answer “no” to the question: Are you a member?


The options are as endless as your imagination and creativity. When someone selects a mid-tier subscription option, ask if they’re aware of all the benefits they’d get at the next level. When a customer adds pecan pie to her shopping cart, you could offer to pair it with a pound of your hazelnut decaf coffee. If someone downloads your free e-book, ask if he’d like to throw in a bonus spreadsheet template for $10.

We think Conditional Logic is so important, we’ve included it with every plan level and every free trial.

Start using Conditional Logic for the upsell today!

Here’s your homework: Take a look at your currently active forms (or ones you’re building now) and look for opportunities to upsell your customers. Then add in some Conditional Logic. You may be surprised at just how easily you can make more money using this feature.