5+ Tools to Perfect Your Marketing Analytics

Written by Heather Mueller on October 5, 2015

Posted in Analytics

Do you want to fill your database with more qualified leads? Are you looking for easy ways to increase sales?

You need marketing analytics.

Analytics guide you to better decisions. They can help you get a greater return on your marketing investments and stop wasting money on unsuccessful avenues.

Analytics can also be overwhelming. There’s no shortage of tools that can measure everything from page views to conversion paths and even show you precisely who’s doing what on your website. When you don’t have a way to extract the meaningful stuff and make it actionable, it’s easy to get lost in all the data.

In this post, we’re going to show you some top marketing tools anyone can use to create an analytics system that’s thorough and intuitive.

#1: Decide What Metrics You Really Need

For most marketing teams, this will include a series of insights that reveal successes and identify weak spots in your marketing efforts:

  1. Where is my traffic coming from? 
  2. How much of it is converting?
  3. How many of those conversions are qualified leads?
  4. Which content is most effectively nurturing them toward buying decisions?
  5. Who deserves credit for these successes and how can we better allocate our budget?

#2: Find the Right Tools for Great Insights

Now look for the marketing analytics tools that will help you quickly and accurately answer these questions.

  1. Where is my traffic coming from?
  • Why You Need It: This free tool lets you create powerful UTM parameters you can use to track exactly where your visitors are coming from. Are your emails, social profiles, or ads driving the most traffic? UTM links will tell you.
  • How to Use It: Learn how to set up UTM links using Google’s URL builder here. (Tip: Many popular marketing tools can do the work for you.)
  1. How much of it is converting?
  • Why You Need It: Formstack’s in-app dashboards provide powerful conversion metrics at a glance. Used in combination with the Google Analytics plugin, you can get additional insights such as which keywords generate the most form views and submissions.
  • How to Use It: Easy—build a form and the dashboards will automatically start populating with all the right data. (Tip: A free two-week trial gets you full access to advanced features including the Google Analytics plugin and Field Bottlenecks.)
  1. How many of those conversions are qualified leads?
  • The Tool: Marketing Automation Software
  • Why You Need It: These tools let you set parameters to automatically separate out cold leads from qualified ones and then nurture them into purchase-ready prospects. Instead of blindly marketing to everyone who lands on your website, you can use data like annual revenue and job titles to create highly targeted groups.
  1. Which content is most effectively nurturing them toward buying decisions?
  • The Tool: A/B Testing
  • Why You Need It: Split tests let you compare two different versions of the same content to decide which version is better. For example, you could use a landing page platform such as Unbounce to see which headlines are most effective. Likewise, Formstack’s A/B testing feature makes it easy to see what button copy leads to the most submissions.
  • How to Use It: Decide which landing page or form elements you want to test and change one thing at a time. (Tip: Use our Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page for help choosing what to test.)
  1. Who deserves credit for these successes and how can we better allocate our budget?  
  • Why You Need It: When Google Analytics becomes overwhelming, you can turn to a customizable dashboard and view the most important data from different sources in one central location. This is a great way to see how your various marketing channels are working together.
  • How to Use It: Start with a free account that lets you use widgets to choose which marketing metrics to include. (Tip: The Cyfe blog is full of great examples if you don’t know where to begin.)

There’s a multitude of other marketing analytics tools available today, but these are some of our favorites. They’re especially great for small or stressed marketing teams who need quick and meaningful metrics that can be used to turn more visits into conversions.

Try out Formstack’s analytics features by signing up for a free 14-day trial below.