Technology Advice Expert Interview: Injecting Lead Capture into Content Platforms

Written by Formstack on June 10, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

Chris Lucas, VP of Marketing at Formstack, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

He sat down to discuss conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, and the future of online form conversion.

Below are a few highlights from the conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: You mentioned conversion rate optimization. It makes sense to A/B test, but is that the best method to optimize conversion?

Chris Lucas: A/B testing is definitely one way to test submit buttons. In advanced analytics, we also have the opportunity to see where people are falling off on the forms. If you have a ten question form and you see that everyone’s falling off on question number six — then maybe you’re asking too many questions.

Some of the funnel metrics that we have around the form building process, that’s another way to test, using those analytic features within Formstack to see if three questions is the best thing or if it’s ten questions. A lot of it is around not just A/B testing, but using those funnel metrics and understanding where people are falling off.

When a lot of people think about creating lead-gen forms, they’re trying to match the CRM. They have all these fields they have to check off: name, email, phone number, title, industry — all those things. When people get to your website, they don’t really want to answer that stuff right away. They want to know what is the minimal amount of information they can give you? It’s playing around with that lead-gen process and really trying to dive in and understand what information people are comfortable giving, and at what time in the process of the sales cycle.

TA: What’s the next step? Is it incorporating more responsive design?

Lucas: Obviously mobile is huge right now. I think Google just came out and said mobile surpassed the desktop for the first time this year. The trend line was happening already. Responsive is definitely going to be a trend that we continue to see.

The other is, I saw an interesting stat, in five years 80 percent of the web is going to be video. It’s the Netflix’s of the internet.

So from a marketing perspective, how do you present content in an interesting way — via video, via mobile, via whatever mechanism to drive more leads and business. I think video and mobile play really well together, but from a lead-generation standpoint, how do you create content around those platforms that play well in multi-device settings?

TA: Is there any CRM integration with Formstack?

Lucas: We definitely do integrate with CRM software. We have a Salesforce integration. We’re actually working on Hubspot integration, so you can build some more complex forms with Formstack and still integrate them with your marketing automation tools. That’s where we’re focused right now, giving that advanced view of the submission and your website visitor.

When we talk about the next generation and think about the first version of our product, people were building a digital presence and trying to drive traffic to their website. Now if you think about it more and more, people understand what they have to do to drive leads to their website. What we’re trying to marry is the powerful form-building application we’ve built over the last 9 years. We’re adding a lot of features that allow you to see where those people are coming from with advanced analytics.

We’re putting in AdWords plugins so you can see where AdWords traffic is coming from, and we’re trying to build a smarter platform around conversion rate optimization. How do you drive people to your online form? The important thing people care about is how are people converting, where are they coming from, and when they do convert? We’re marrying analytics with the smart-form builder. That’s where we’re focused now. How do digital marketers get more out of the traffic already going to their website?

This podcast was created and published by TechnologyAdvice. The interview was conducted by Josh Bland. Listen to the entire show above in order to hear the full conversation, or download the show to listen later. You can subscribe to the TA Expert Interview Series via Soundcloud to get alerts about new episodes.

Please note: We have discontinued some of the AdWords and attribution features mentioned in this interview. For more information on the available lead capture features Formstack offers, please contact our Support team.