Support Update: Service Platform Downtime on September 22

Written by Formstack on September 22, 2015

Posted in Formstack Updates

September 22, 2015 | 5:20 p.m. 

Customers: is currently experiencing issues that are affecting our Support help site and resulting in delayed response times to Support Team requests. To see more on these outages and expected up-times, please see the Desk Trust page and their Twitter page.

Please note, this outage will not affect your forms or data in any way, as this is not an issue in Formstack. Rather, it is isolated to and our pages.  We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by the delays or intermittent access to our Help site. We are working to respond to tickets and messages as quickly as possible. If you have any other questions or would like us to make your ticket a priority during up-time, please do not hesitate to tweet us @Formstack. In the meantime, please continue to send questions and tickets and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to provide timely feedback to your support inquiries.