Will Social Autofill Work For Me?

Written by Sarah Quezada on April 28, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

You were probably already convinced that our Social Autofill feature is the best thing since the iPhone 6. If you weren’t though, the Form Conversion Report sealed the deal with data showing 189% conversion lifts when users take advantage of the feature. So that’s it then? Activate Social Autofill and watch your conversions climb?

Maybe. But it’s important to ask a few questions first. Does Social Autofill make sense for your form? And each social media platform requires its own plugin. Do you offer them all for convenience sake or is that too much clutter? If you only activate one, do you just choose your favorite or flip a coin. Believe it or not, there’s actually a better way to determine how Social Autofill can work best for you and your form. 

There is one main question to help you address all these questions:
What data does my form need?

Does my form need Social Autofill?

Pay attention to the data that these social platforms provide. If you’re asking for name, email, birthday, gender, and education, Social Autofill will be a huge help to your form users. One click will let them have the satisfaction of completing all those fields. 

On the other hand, it won’t be as effective if you have an anonymous form that asks a customer the date of their last visit, what they purchased, and to rate their customer service experience. They will click the Social Autofill button and experience the disappointment of exactly zero fields being completed. That can actually create friction and frustration on your form. 

So analyze your form, and make sure it is asking questions that can be pulled from social media data. If so, you’re golden! Now you need to choose which platforms to include. 

Do I include all the platforms?

Again, you’ll be able to answer this question once you’ve looked carefully at your form. 

If you are creating a survey to find out who your primary customers are, you may be gleaning general information that all platforms can provide. Some examples of cross-over fields include birthday, education, email, and name. Both Social Autofill buttons (Google+ and Facebook) pull these fields. 

You can see which fields each platform can map by looking inside your Formstack account under Settings > Plugins > Social Autofill. 

Social Autofill can provide a huge boost to your form conversions. It reduces form friction and encourages users to quickly and easily complete your form. So make sure it is working for you and not against you. Take that extra moment to match your data to the platform that makes the most sense.