How Saltwater Studios Streamlined Customer Communications and Grew Revenue Sources Using Formstack

Written by Abby Nieten on October 7, 2015

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Saltwater Studios is a small- to medium-sized advertising agency located in the Caribbean—specifically, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Until recently, the agency was exclusively focused on print-based advertising. However, Saltwater Studios has started transitioning its business to the digital landscape to remain competitive.

Senior Designer and Digital Specialist Sherwin Marcelle found Formstack in early 2015, and he immediately saw its potential to carry Saltwater Studios into a new digital era. He was able to use Formstack’s Facebook Tab Embed conversion optimization feature to help a prominent retail client see valuable payoff from its time spent on social media. And he grew revenue sources for Saltwater Studios in the process by adding to the suite of services the agency is able to offer.

Saltwater Studios case study

Here is the full story:

The Challenge

One of Saltwater Studio’s major clients is a retail company, and before using Formstack, that company was struggling to keep up with buyer questions and complaints submitted via Facebook messages. Customers often wouldn’t get a timely response (or a response at all) to their Facebook messages because there wasn’t a good way for the brand to manage and filter the messages.

In order to help the retailer improve its customer service, Marcelle researched easy-to-manage data capture platforms that integrated with Facebook and tracked user interactions.

“I fiercely searched everywhere to find a proper solution,” Marcelle said. “We tried a few platforms, and they worked, but they weren’t giving us what we needed. We needed to track and check interactions, and we needed the social media integration aspect as well.”

The Formstack Fix

Using Formstack, Marcelle helped his client place a query form on its Facebook page to streamline the process of responding to shopper feedback. Through Formstack’s Facebook integration, the retailer was able to implement the Facebook Tab Embed feature, which allows a form to be embedded directly on a Facebook page. The company also set up Formstack’s Data Routing feature to filter submissions and send them directly to the associated department.

According to Marcelle, the Facebook integration was key for his client. Facebook is a popular social media site in Trinidad and Tobago, so putting the form there helped the company gather information from customers in a place where they were already spending much of their time.

“In the country where I live, people spend a lot of their time browsing Facebook. So the Facebook integration is superb,” Marcelle said. “And it was rather easy to implement. It was basically magic.”

The Facebook integration has also helped the retailer see a valuable return on time spent on social media. Namely, using the embedded query form has allowed the company to better identify its problems and cut its maximum response times down from a week to a few hours, which has helped with customer acquisition and retention.

“The new query format cut down on the wild or random―or the wrong people accessing the wrong messages,” Marcelle said. “So it drastically improved customer-to-client relations.”

Additionally, Saltwater Studios now has increased revenue opportunities because it can offer new services—like embedding forms on Facebook pages—to clients through use of Formstack.

The Future

Marcelle has started exploring additional capabilities of Formstack to grow business at Saltwater Studios and to offer new solutions to clients. He has considered the idea of using Formstack to capture email addresses to use in a newsletter campaign for the agency. And he has experimented with Formstack’s Google Analytics integration as a way to develop more targeted advertising campaigns. He hopes to dive further into Formstack’s advanced features in the coming months.

“Formstack’s ability to capture user data is greatly needed,” Marcelle said. “At the end of the day, I’m in a department where I need to see usage times, user ages, devices―all these things are important so I can build campaigns around that.”

Marcelle also hopes to use Formstack to lead the way as his country continues to adopt a digital mindset.

“Where I live, we’re still transitioning―we still have a lot of people afraid of digital,” Marcelle said. “So we have to convince them, ‘I have the solution. This solution works.’ And if they don’t use the solution, then they’ll be left behind.”

The Takeaway

If digital marketers and advertisers want to see ROI on their social media efforts, they need a way to capture and track user data directly on their social pages. If you’re interested in exploring Formstack’s conversion optimization features, like Facebook Tab Embed, click below to sign up for a free trial.