Integrating Formstack Forms with Salesforce [Quick Click Glossary]

Written by Heather Mueller on May 19, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks, Salesforce

Like popular marketing automation software, Salesforce can be an incredibly powerful customer relationship management tool. This popular software offers many great options for nurturing leads until they’re sales-ready.

Once you’ve captured them, that is.

And that’s where using a robust web form builder comes in.

By combining Salesforce with Formstack forms, you can:

Our integration lets you use a powerful online form builder to capture more leads and then automatically sync the data within your Salesforce account. You can update existing records, attach file uploads, route leads, and more.

Whether you’ve been using Formstack for two days or two years, there’s a chance you may be overlooking some of the best ways to collect and structure customer data for Salesforce. To help, we’ve put together a quick-click glossary of the most important features:

Assignment Rules: You can use your Salesforce assignment rules to automatically route new leads to a Salesforce queue.

Campaigns: Use Formstack forms to collect new leads and add them to Salesforce campaigns. You can even set your form to automatically create new campaigns with form submissions.

File Uploads: Collect files in a Formstack form and send the attachments to Salesforce.

Objects: Map fields from your Formstack form to any standard or custom Salesforce object. You can even create multiples of the same Saleforce objects within Formstack.

Quote Objects: Map your form fields to Salesforce Quote Objects to auto-generate a price estimate when someone fills out your web form.

Sandbox Testing: You can use your Formstack integration in “test” mode to try out changes with a Sandbox Account so you can develop, test, and train within Salesforce without compromising the data in your system.

And then there are all the side benefits of using a robust form builder in combination with Salesforce. These features—ones that don’t come with your CRM—can help you fill your database with more leads:

A/B Testing: Test multiple versions of the same form to find out which captures the most leads.

Pre-Populating Fields: This Formstack feature allows you to add parameters to your form’s URL so some boxes will be filled out already when a user clicks on the link. It’s a great way to capture more conversions for Salesforce.

Social Autofill: Make it easier for prospects to add themselves to your database by allowing them to pull data from their social profiles to autofill form fields.

Few form building integrations offer so much freedom to automatically generate, update, organize, and nurture leads and contacts from within Salesforce. In fact, one Formstack user recently said just that:

“For any information gathering, we immediately think of Formstack and its integration to Salesforce. It’s become part of our DNA because it’s so easy, efficient, and time-saving.”

Does your company rely on Salesforce? Sign up for a free Formstack trial below to see how easily you can use online forms to populate your CRM with more high-quality leads.