How Rio Nutrition Generated 6x More Quality Leads in 1 Month Using Formstack

Written by Abby Nieten on September 22, 2015

Posted in Case Studies, Lead Generation

Rio Nutrition is a livestock nutrition company that produces and sells dietary supplements for cattle. The company is based in Vesta, Minnesota, and its high-end products help ranchers across North America keep their cows healthy—and, in turn, profitable. In 2013, Marketing Team Leader Chloe Paskewitz sought a way to make Rio Nutrition’s business more profitable as well, and she landed on Formstack.

According to Paskewitz, Rio Nutrition has very little face-to-face contact with potential customers, so the ability to capture and track prospects online is crucial for business growth. With Formstack, Rio Nutrition is able to gather powerful insights on traffic sources to enhance its marketing campaigns. Recently, the company generated six times more leads in one month from one banner ad using Formstack’s UTM Tracking feature.

Formstack case study

Here’s the full story:

The Challenge

Before finding Formstack, Rio Nutrition had no way to gather data from its website visitors. The company was in the dark about who its site visitors were and how those visitors were discovering the site. Paskewitz knew she needed a robust conversion platform that could link up with Rio Nutrition’s WordPress website to display actionable data about users and campaigns.

“People would come to our website. They’d look around, make their own decisions, and leave. And we’d never hear from them,” Paskewitz said. “We knew there were people on our website; we just needed a way to capture their data.”

The Formstack Fix

Paskewitz discovered Formstack and quickly put the tool to work. She built a simple pricing quote request form and embedded it on the Rio Nutrition website to capture lead information. Then, Paskewitz implemented UTM Tracking, one of Formstack’s conversion rate optimization features, to gather better insights on lead conversion sources.

Using Formstack’s advanced features, Rio Nutrition recently discovered that one of its display ads was performing poorly—namely, it was bringing in a low volume of poor-quality leads. Knowing this information, the company discontinued the low-performing ad and put its budget money into a banner that was performing really well. This change yielded Rio Nutrition six times more qualified leads in one month.

“Knowing which campaigns are generating leads and which aren’t has really made a difference for us,” Paskewitz said. “Now, as soon as I see a trend of less valuable leads coming from a certain source, I know it’s time to either change the messaging or discontinue the source.”

Additionally, Rio Nutrition has reported significant growth from capturing lead data with Formstack. According to Paskewitz, if the company can get a prospect’s phone number, its associates are generally able to turn that prospect into a customer through a phone conversation about Rio Nutrition’s high-quality products. Case in point: From 2014 to 2015, the Rio Nutrition business grew over 51% primarily due to new customers, and this year the company is on track to see over 30% growth.

“We weren’t getting any leads from our website prior to implementing Formstack, so the Formstack form we put on our site has definitely helped with our business growth,” Paskewitz said.

The Future

Paskewitz is happy with the results Rio Nutrition has seen since implementing Formstack, and she plans to continue exploring the tool’s conversion optimization features—such as Form A/B Testing—and using them to boost future marketing efforts. To start, Paskewitz said she will lean on the campaign performance data she has gathered as she prepares Rio Nutrition’s marketing budget for the coming year.

“Now that we are able to track our campaigns, I plan to use that information when budgeting for 2016 and figuring out where the company’s marketing spend is going to go,” Paskewitz said.

The Takeaway

If digital marketers want to scale their business and make the most of their marketing spend, they need a way to capture relevant data about website visitors and traffic sources. If you’re interested in exploring Formstack’s conversion optimization features, click below to start a free 14-day trial.