Quick Read: 7 Shareable Stats from the 2015 Form Conversion Report

Written by Abby Nieten on March 26, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Reports + White Papers

As a marketer, you’ve already likely discovered the power of data. Our second-annual Form Conversion Report not only gathered data based on 650,000+ user accounts, but it also includes top-notch analysis of that data – including stats that can be used to improve your marketing efforts.

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With so many actionable stats, why not share the wealth? Here are seven quick takeaways from the 2015 Form Conversion Report that you can share with others looking to see a profitable boost in their conversion rates. We’ve kept the sharing simple – just click the link next to the stat and Tweet away!

Form conversion rates increase by as much as 189% when social media autofill features are used. [Tweet this stat]

Contest forms convert at an average of 35%! [Tweet this stat]

Nearly 90% of marketers today place an increased emphasis on conversion rate optimization (CRO). [Tweet this stat]

Survey and order/payment forms average 22 fields per form! [Tweet this stat]

Survey forms yield a conversion rate of 14% on average, higher than that of order/payment forms! [Tweet this stat]

Embedding contest forms on Facebook or other social networks can more than double conversion rates! [Tweet this stat]

8 p.m. is the peak submission time for contest forms. [Tweet this stat]

In addition to the report, we’re also offering the unique opportunity to dive into the report with marketing expert Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert, and Formstack’s brain behind the report, Eva McKnight. Learn how you can reserve your spot for our Conversion Report webinar now!