Introducing Our “Top Secret” New Feature: Partial Submissions Tracker

Written by Formstack on June 25, 2015

Posted in Formstack Updates

Who doesn’t like to do a little investigating?

As marketers, we do this all the time. We love inside info, and we go to great lengths to get it. Whether it’s tracking email opens or diving into the results of a form A/B test, we know there’s a lot of value in collecting and analyzing data.

Formstack recently launched a feature that makes this kind of investigation even more valuable (and more fun)—our Partial Submissions Tracker. This feature turns you into a conversion investigator by collecting all of the data a user enters into your form fields—even if they don’t click submit.

This feature has a lot of potential. In addition to simply keeping track of visitors that don’t convert, you can use partial submission data to troubleshoot your forms by identifying where and why users are abandoning your form. You can even give yourself one more chance to convert by reaching out to the visitors who provided their contact information before they left the page.


For more ideas on how to make Partial Submissions work for you, check out this feature page. The Partial Submissions Tracker is now available to all users who subscribe to our Platinum Plan and above. If you are interested in upgrading or testing this feature, please email our Sales team. If your plan allows you immediate access, why not log in and try it out?

Happy investigating!