Using Partial Submissions to Nurture Cold Leads (Without Being Creepy)

Written by Eva Jackson on May 12, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

Let’s face it: Most of the people who see your online forms aren’t going to complete them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could identify all of the viewers who start filling out fields but never actually finish your form?

You can!

Formstack customers on Platinum and Enterprise plans have access to a special plugin called Partial Submissions. This feature lets you capture information as it’s entered. It’s designed especially for our users who want to nurture every possible lead—including “colder” ones.

To get started with Partial Submissions, open your form and go to Settings > Plugins. Then click “Add.”

You can also enable autocomplete plugins to make sure your form is collecting as much data as possible. Features like Social Autofill and Field Autofill can be great ways to increase the number of fields someone completes before deciding to abandon a form.

You may also want to add your email address to be notified when someone stops short of hitting the “submit” button.


The entire setup process takes a few minutes and will provide everything you need to start nurturing lost leads. Simply click on the Partial Submissions tab at any time to get a full view of information that was entered but not officially submitted.

You now have a second chance to capture conversions! Before you start taking advantage of this awesome opportunity, keep a few best practices in mind.

Don’t make users feel like you’re watching their every move.
Remember that your users chose not to send you their information. Sure, they started to fill out your form. But something made them decide not to hit “submit.” Perhaps the phone rang mid-form or they decided not to enter their credit card info after all. In those instances, it’s probably o.k. to send a helpful email to see if you can answer any questions. Cold calling the minute your notification email comes through, on the other hand, would be enough to creep anyone out.

Find other ways to connect.
Get creative! There are many ways to follow up on Partial Submissions without making people feel tracked. Did someone stop short of filling out your registration form? An email highlighting the best benefits of your upcoming event may be enough to convince a lost lead to revisit and complete it. Are people abandoning your lead gen forms? Sending a simple survey can help you discover why. And users who chose not to complete an order form may be convinced after reading a short case study or testimonial from a happy customer.

What about you? How are you using Partial Submissions to nurture leads? We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions in the comments!