Maximize Your Marketing Funnel with Our New HubSpot Integration

Written by Formstack on August 6, 2015

Posted in Formstack Updates, Lead Generation

There’s no doubt about it: HubSpot is one of the top lead-nurturing platforms available to today’s marketer. Its automation and email tools ensure your leads are well-nurtured until they’re ready to move down the funnel and become customers.

If you’re already using one of the best possible tools for lead nurture, wouldn’t it make sense to use the best possible tool for lead capture as well?

Enter our newly-released HubSpot integration. This integration allows you to use the powerful form-building and conversion optimization tools of Formstack alongside the lead nurturing expertise of HubSpot. With it, you can maximize your entire marketing funnel, increasing conversions from traffic to lead and from lead to close.

What’s more, our new integration allows you to A/B test your forms—something you can’t do with HubSpot unless you’re on the top-tier Enterprise plan. As we demonstrated in these case studies, A/B testing can play a significant role in increasing your conversion rate and bringing in more leads.

For more information on our HubSpot integration, check out this support doc. The HubSpot integration is currently available to all users who subscribe to our Gold Plan and above. If you are interested in upgrading or testing this feature, sign up for a free trial below. If your plan allows you immediate access, why not log in and try it out?