Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Form Copy

Written by Abby Nieten on July 28, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

Let’s face it: Form copy is not often top of mind when it comes to writing high-converting web copy.

Marketers spend a lot of time carefully selecting words for landing pages, blog posts, emails, and even social promotions. But we seldom think twice about the copy on our web forms.

Today is the day to start giving your form copy the attention it deserves! After all, tweaking the text on your form can increase submissions by more than 31%! How? Here are 3 compelling ways.

#1 – Form headlines can grab visitors’ attention.

Chances are, your form headline is one the first things your visitors notice about your form. Don’t miss a great opportunity to draw them in by using a boring headline like “Event Form” (or no headline at all!). Brainstorm catchy headlines that will pique interest and entice prospects to fill out your form.

And make sure your form headline is something users will notice with a quick scan of the page. With so much vying for visitor attention these days, people will move on pretty quickly if you don’t hook them right away.

#2 – Clear field labels can decrease bottlenecks.

Is a specific field on your web form causing many of your visitors to abandon ship? It’s likely time to examine the copy associated with that field.

Perhaps prospects are turning away because they are confused by a survey question or registration request. Clarifying a field label or adding supporting subtext can help reduce Field Bottlenecks and keep users moving through your form.

You might also want to consider if visitors are shying away because they are uncomfortable with the content of the question or request. Is there a way to rephrase the content so users aren’t immediately turned off? Taking a different approach with questionable content can help increase submissions on your form.

#3 – Optimized button copy can increase clicks.

As our 2015 Form Conversion Report revealed, button copy can play an important role in converting website traffic. A button that simply says “Submit” just won’t cut it anymore.

Get more users to click your call-to-action button by applying specific copy. Instead of using a button that says “Register,” try a button that says “Register Now!” or “Submit Registration.”

Perfect your form copy through A/B testing.

Just as you A/B test elements on your landing page to figure out what converts, your form copy should be tweaked and tested for optimization. Test your form headlines, field labels, and button copy until you have the perfect high-converting form.

For more form A/B testing tips, click below to check out our interactive e-book called “Testing Your Way to a High-Converting Form”.