How Lasell College Streamlined Lead Tracking and Saved 20 Hours Per Month Using Formstack

Written by Abby Nieten on December 7, 2015

Posted in Case Studies, Lead Generation

Lasell College is a small, private college located just outside of Boston in Newton, Massachusetts. It grants undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 40 areas of study and currently has around 2100 students enrolled. Chris Lynett is the director of web and electronic marketing at Lasell College. His chief responsibility is to generate leads for the school’s graduate program. Lynett has been a Formstack customer for eight years, and his use of the product has been in line with Formstack’s evolution.

In past years, Lynett used Formstack strictly for its form-building capabilities. Now, he is exploring more advanced features that help digital marketers optimize their lead generation campaigns. Lynett started using Formstack’s UTM Tracking feature and was able to eliminate the maintenance of 30+ landing pages from his campaign tracking process—which freed up 20 hours per month for campaign optimization.


Here’s the full story:

The Challenge

Earlier this year, Lynett helped Lasell College launch a new graduate program microsite, which has forms embedded on every page to gather information from those interested in pursuing a master’s degree. In order to capture traffic source data for campaign tracking, Lynett and his team would create a dedicated landing page for each new campaign. However, since Lasell College tends to have many marketing campaigns running at once, the team eventually ended up with 30+ landing pages and forms to maintain.

Lynett knew that managing so many separate landing pages and forms was taking up a lot of time and resources, and he wanted to find a way to lift that burden from his team. He explored a few larger marketing automation platforms to find a solution but found that those platforms use dedicated landing pages for campaigns as well.

“I wanted a better way to add metrics to track all the different campaigns and conversions. Maintaining 30 landing pages was absurd,” Lynett said. “So I was looking for this magic pill. And in my talks with larger marketing automation platforms, I discovered that everything requires a dedicated landing page with those platforms. So the only thing I would be doing with those tools is moving my problem. I wouldn’t be solving anything.”

The Formstack Fix

Lynett decided to contact Formstack’s support team to see if a tool he was already using could help solve his problem, and to his delight, it could. Using Formstack, Lynett is able to automatically capture information about the specific campaigns that are bringing visitors to the graduate microsite.

Formstack’s UTM Tracking feature places hidden fields in the form, and those fields pull tags from campaign URLs to reveal important details about traffic sources. Lynett just has to add UTM parameters to his campaign links, and Formstack will capture those parameters when a user clicks a link and lands on the microsite.

Formstack has made Lasell College’s campaign tracking process much more efficient. Lynett can now pull information from several different campaigns using a single form. Lynett said his team has easily saved five work hours per week—or 20 hours each month—by eliminating the highly manual process of creating and maintaining multiple landing pages and forms to track campaigns.

“We run a lot of digital campaigns,” Lynett said. “Thanks to Formstack, we’ve been able to eliminate a lot of steps from each campaign. For instance, we no longer have to worry about extra developer hours or recreating content.”

On top of increasing the efficiency with which Lynett can track leads, Formstack’s UTM Tracking feature has given Lynett more insight into his campaign performance. He can pass the information collected in Formstack into his customer relationship manager (CRM) and follow leads all the way to enrollment—meaning he can see which specific campaigns are bringing in new students.

“We do cost per click. We do ROI. We do this click to butt-in-the-seat kind of thing,” Lynett said. “So now we have the ability to not just track cost per click or cost per conversion but truly how much it costs on the campaign level to bring people in to attend a class.”

The Future

One of Lynett’s biggest priorities is to optimize the pages on the graduate microsite. To help with that, Lynett plans to continue using Formstack’s UTM Tracking feature.

He also plans to further explore Form A/B Testing. So far, he’s run one round of A/B tests on two different forms to see if potential students are deterred by a required phone number field. He gathered some good insights with these tests and thinks form testing will help with his optimization efforts in the future.

“We are constantly looking to streamline our forms by asking as little as possible but enough so we can take the next step,” Lynett said.

The Takeaway

Using the right tools to efficiently track leads gives marketers more time to optimize campaigns and generate additional leads and revenue. If you’re interested in learning how Formstack can help you streamline your campaign tracking process, click below to sign up for a free trial of our conversion optimization features.