How to Justify Optimization Software to Your Boss

Written by Abby Nieten on April 29, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

Sure, you’re on the optimization bandwagon… but Boss isn’t. You’re getting no buy-in and no budget. How can you convince the higher-ups that optimization isn’t just a fad: it’s a way to increase revenue and improve your business?

Here at Formstack, we love optimization and want to help spread the word about how awesome it is. We’ve got a few arguments you can use on your boss.

Measuring is better than guessing
Does your team argue about where to put that call-to-action button or online form? Are your designers and developers going toe-to-toe (or crying in the break room)? Optimization lets you settle debates with data, not opinions. This also helps to take the ego out of the process: take a risk and let the data decide.

Forty percent of marketers say that they use intuition to make decisions. That’s a lot of people taking a stab in the dark. Think about your current website. Someone probably thought of the design, implemented it, and the site started getting conversions. “It’s making money,” Boss might say. “So what’s the problem?” Optimization provides you with an opportunity to know—not guess—that your current design is the best possible one.

“What if?”
Most bosses would jump at the chance to increase conversions and revenue. Dream a little with this one. What if your website increased conversions by 1%? What kind of revenue increase would that bring? Do the math and present actual numbers.

Boss’ natural response to this question will be, “How do we increase our conversions by 1%, then?” The answer, of course, is optimization. You can test new versions of your website, your emails, or your online forms in order to see which version will boost your conversion rate.

Keep your eggs out of one basket
Planning a website overhaul? Optimization helps to ensure that you’re not investing in a dud design. When you have the ability to measure your customers’ responses to your website, you can be sure that your efforts (and dollars) are being spent in the right place.

Successful companies are about 75% more likely to run tests than unsuccessful ones. Learn where people drop off in your funnel. Discover which call to action button gets more clicks. With optimization software, you can streamline the process to create the best website possible.

Smart small
If you get a little interest from your boss, you’ll want to dangle the carrot: a free trial. Most optimization software offers a free trial to new customers. With no financial obligation, your boss is more likely to give you the go-ahead.

But be warned: you have to maximize the trial period. That may mean focusing on one test that you will present to Boss. Or you might prefer to test as many elements as you can. While a short trial window will not provide you with all the information you need, it can be instrumental in demonstrating the software’s effectiveness.

Budgets are tough
A limited website budget is the number one obstacle to optimization success. Making the case for optimization doesn’t have to be expensive. Search for affordable options that will increase your ROI and pay for themselves. Help your boss see why optimization is crucial. Good luck and happy optimizing!