Infographic: Ascend to Conversion Heights with Better Sales and Marketing Alignment

Written by Abby Nieten on September 8, 2015

Posted in Infographics, Lead Generation

The sales and marketing legs of a business are notoriously difficult to align. But why is that? It’s often because these teams fail to see each other’s value. They don’t realize they could be generating better-quality leads or closing more sales if they’d just join forces.

Think about it: It’s possible to climb to the top of a ladder by hopping on one leg at a time. But wouldn’t it be easier to have two legs working together?

If you’re looking for ways to foster successful sales and marketing collaboration at your company, check out our latest infographic below. It boasts four great tips for getting your sales reps and marketers to team up and reach new heights.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

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