Infographic: Mobile Mistakes That’ll Hurt Your Search Ranking

Written by Formstack on April 8, 2015

Posted in Infographics, Mobile Forms

Google’s at it again. On April 21, the new algorithm update – designed to provide a better search experience for mobile users – will move mobile optimization from nicety to necessity. As consumers spend nearly 60% of their Internet browsing time on mobile devices, Google has spotted a key variable in search engine rank, inevitably bringing ‘Mobilegeddon’ down upon businesses.

The update raises the question, how can a business prepare for this change without overextending resources or spend? Can it be done in a manner efficient enough to save search rank?

Despite Google’s early announcement, no one has been very forthcoming with details. So here are a few notes from Webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes:

  • Responsive design doesn’t have a ranking benefit
  • Googlebot must be allowed to crawl CSS and JavaScript to pass the mobile-friendly test
  • Mobile friendliness will be determined at page level – not sitewide
  • Google is working on a dedicated mobile index

If you’re not sure if your site meets the mobile-friendly test available from Google, check it here:

Below are some quick and dirty tips to optimize your site for your customer-base and keep the website mobile friendly: