Infographic: Constructing the Perfect Lead Gen Form

Written by Abby Nieten on August 12, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Infographics

Let’s be honest: Generating quality leads can be a tall order. Especially considering the real work begins after a prospect lands on our website. Getting the prospect to hand over valuable contact information (and become a prized lead) requires a perfectly constructed lead generation form.

But what makes a lead gen form “perfect”? And how can you be sure your form is producing optimal results?

Our latest infographic is packed with original data (from over 12,500 Formstack forms!) that illustrate the building blocks of a high-converting form. We’re sharing some powerful insights on what converts—from using Conditional Logic to including mobile-friendly field types.

Check it out below and start constructing solid lead gen forms!

Constructing the Perfect Lead Gen Form
Constructing the Perfect Lead Gen Form

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