How 5 Industries Increased Form Conversions by 21-400% in One Year

Written by Sarah Quezada on April 3, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

If you’ve seen the 2015 Form Conversion Report, you know several industries experienced significant overall conversion rate increases in the year since our inaugural report—in one case by as much as 400% percent:

• Technology: 21%
• Higher Ed: 25%
• Marketing/Consulting: 85%
• Media: 143%
• Religious: 400%

How did they do it? That was the first question we asked when analyzing form submission data. Here’s what we discovered:

Conversion rate optimization makes a BIG difference.

Nearly 90% of marketers are placing increasing emphasis on conversion rate optimization, according to one recent study. This strategy involves testing different landing page and form elements until you find the perfect “formula” of colors and content. It can have a huge impact on conversions. In fact, 73% of companies surveyed for that same study also reported sales gains.

These industries love to ask questions.

All five industries regularly use one of the highest-converting types of forms: surveys. From gauging customer satisfaction to getting post-event feedback, surveys can be leveraged to measure, engage, interact, evaluate and more. With the average survey converting 14% of traffic, it’s a good tool to keep in your arsenal of marketing techniques.

Advanced features and functionalities help, too.

More than 20% of companies in each of these industries use advanced features that make it easier for users to fill out their forms. Tools like Social Autofill, Facebook Tab Embed, the ability to identify bottlenecks, and A/B testing remove the guesswork from optimizing web forms.

How to Get Similar Results with Your Own Form Conversion Rates

As you can see, there’s really no magic or super-secret formula for increasing conversion rates. Marketers, universities, IT companies, and consultants just know which strategies and tools to leverage. Here are a few quick tips you can use to follow their lead:

Get the CRO guide.

If you’re new to conversion rate optimization, we recommend downloading our interactive handbook to demystify the process. You’ll learn how to clearly (and quickly) define your target audience, decide what to test, and choose which tools to use.

Incentivize your forms.

Surveys and contests are among the highest-converting of all form types we analyzed. Why? Because people typically gain something in return for filling them out: a raffle entry, a coupon code, an upgrade, or something else of value to the intended audience. Applying this strategy to your own forms can go a long way in impacting conversion rates.

Make your forms longer.

No, that’s not a typo. And no, we’re not talking about adding 20 more fields. By “longer,” we mean “more pages.” Turns out, conversion rates more than triple when fields are spread out over multiple web pages. That’s because they tend to include bigger fonts, “save and resume” options, progress bars, and other features that make forms more attractive, less intimidating, and easier to complete.

Looking for more ways to increase your form conversion rates? Download the 2015 Form Conversion Report for even more tips and data insights.