Formstack in the News: December 2015

Written by Abby Nieten on December 29, 2015

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In between wrapping presents and filming Christmas lip sync videos (yes, we did that), the Formstack crew has been hard at work creating and sharing awesome content. Sometimes, we get lucky and other people want to share that awesome content too! We’ve been featured on some pretty fantastic websites recently, so we thought we’d round up some of the coolest spotlights to give cred to our amazing thought leaders within the company.

Here’s where we’ve been featured recently:

  • MarketingProfs. Top 10 Infographics of 2015 on MarketingProfsWe were pretty pumped to see a Formstack infographic listed as one of the top 10 posted on MarketingProfs. Our post on “Why Personalized Marketing Will Dominate in 2015” is ranked as number three in their top-10 list. Even though the tips were posted to inform your 2015 marketing strategy, a lot of the best practices and stats still apply! Check it out for a few good tactics to try next year.
  • Inc. 7 Tools for your SMB in 2016. In this great post by Dave Kerpen, Formstack was listed as one of the top tools your small biz needs to leverage next year for better lead generation and conversion. The list included other great apps to create a well-rounded business strategy, such as Fathom Voice (a local Indy biz!) and Stitch Labs.
  • MediaPost. How iOS Ad-Blocking Support Will Change the Mobile Marketing Landscape. Chris Lucas, our VP of Marketing, has been dropping some knowledge about the recent iOS update, which includes access to ad-blocking technology. Check out his tips on how you need to adjust your mobile strategy to get your brand in front of this tech-savvy audience.

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