Where to Place Your Forms for Higher Conversions

Written by Heather Mueller on February 13, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks

You’ve built the perfect form. Now where to place it? Will more people see it on the contact page or about us page? Should you keep the newsletter signup on your homepage? Or put it in the sidebar too?

Decisions, decisions.

It’s tempting to follow what others are doing when deciding where to put forms on your website. But could a different placement boost your conversion rate?

Instead of copying the competition, try out these five high-converting placements to get more people filling out your forms:

1. After blog posts and tutorials
Someone who devours your content all the way to the end of a webpage is hooked. Formstack knows this, too, which is why we place the free trial invitation at the bottom of blog posts. Ending your helpful articles and how-to posts with a special offer or signup form is a great opportunity to capture new leads.

2. In the footer
Most of the content in sidebars is ignored. But your website’s footer? People still look here to find social buttons and phone numbers. Add a newsletter signup or contact form and it’s bound to get noticed by those looking for more information.

3. On a slideup box
Slideups (not to be confused with popups) can be an effective lead capture tool. You can set these specialty boxes to appear when visitors scroll down a page—a clear indication they’re interested in your content and are ready to learn more.

4. On top performing pages
Load up your Google Webmaster Tools. Now look under Search Traffic > Search Queries > Top Pages. Which URLs rise to the top? These are the ones bringing in the most traffic from search engines. And it’s where you should be placing your best lead capture form.

5. In a featured box
Sometimes it’s not just “where” but also “how” you present your form. Once you’ve identified your most visited webpage, add a form to the top in a hard-to-miss featured box. Highlight what users will gain by completing it.

Now start testing!
We’ve identified five prime places on your website for forms. But you don’t want to put them everywhere. It’ll annoy users and may come across as spammy. How to solve this problem? A/B testing! Formstack makes it easy to identify the best placements for all your forms.

How To Test Form Placements with Formstack
A/B testing can get really involved, especially when you’re comparing things like button colors and the number of fields. But there’s a super simple way to test which placements get the best results:

  1. Pick one lead capture form to test at a time. This will likely be your newsletter signup, demo request, free trial, or contact form.
  1. Don’t change anything on the form itself. If you start tweaking colors and fonts, you won’t know if conversion increases are due to placement or something else. (If you think other changes are necessary, test those first.)
  1. Now create a copy. Give it a location-specific name such as “Demo Request: About Us Page” or “Newsletter Signup: Blog Post Homepage.”
  1. Add this copy to the corresponding location on your website.

Now sit back and wait for results to come in. Formstack’s in-app analytics makes it easy to see which form has the highest conversion rate—we calculate it for you! You can select any form to see the number of views, conversion rate, abandonment rate, and more.

Where have you placed your forms? What has testing shown you? Share what you’ve learned in the comments!