6 Overlooked Form Features to Generate, Capture, and Nurture More Leads

Written by Jacob Powell on April 14, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks

Lead nurturing is all the rage among marketers these days. This strategy can be a very effective way to move prospects through the buying cycle and integrate your company’s sales and marketing funnels. Of course, you only get out of it what you put into it—which means the process can get highly involved.

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of nurturing leads, we have good news. Much of the setup can be done right from within your form builder without the need for expensive marketing automation software.

We’ve rounded up six commonly-overlooked form features virtually any business can use to generate, capture, and nurture more leads.


Form Share Buttons

One of the most convenient tools for producing new leads is the social share button. It lets happy customers boost your website’s presence for you. But many companies use them only for blog posts and web pages. If you set up social share icons specifically for your online forms, you’ll not only drive traffic but collect high-value leads as well.

Formstack makes it easy to add social share buttons to your form with a couple of clicks. (In the integration hub, go to Plugins > Share Buttons and then type in a custom message.) You can further encourage social media shares by automating custom tweets from your own Twitter account each time your form’s filled out.

Discount Codes

Ask marketers how they generate new leads online, and you’re bound to hear about email signups, lead generation forms, or creative contests. What companies often forget is that every donation or payment collected is another opportunity to add someone to a lead nurture program. And how better to generate more leads than with an exclusive discount code?

From early bird specials for event registrations to new customer coupons, enabling discount codes on your web forms can be a great way to boost your conversion rates and fill your database with new prospects. Just be sure to promote a sense of urgency by limiting your offer to a specific timeframe or number of sales.


Social Autofill

It’s one thing to attract eyeballs and increase the opportunity for new leads. The real advantage comes when you start capturing them. The more customer data you can collect, the more insights your sales team will have to work with. Social Autofill makes it easy.

You can lessen the amount of time people have to spend typing their ways through your form fields by pulling data from their social media profiles—a surefire way to guarantee they stick around long enough to hit your “submit” button. Our latest form conversion data analysis revealed that conversion rates increase a whopping 189% when companies use the Social Autofill feature.

Facebook Embeds

Keeping your users in their “environment” is a great way to increase completion rates and capture more leads. In fact, we recently discovered that conversion rates more than double (from 9% to 20%) when Formstack users embed forms within Facebook.

This tool allows people to fill out your form within the social media site itself. So you can accept those lead-generating coupon codes, collect registrations, encourage signups, and more. All without having to ask users to click away from Facebook to complete your form.


Routing Logic

If you’ve been listening to the marketing automation hype, you might think the only way to effectively nurture leads is to use an expensive platform like Hubspot or Marketo. But that’s not always the case.

A more cost-effective alternative is to use your web form builder’s routing logic to personalize follow up after people complete your forms. For example, you might choose to send users to different thank you-pages based on responses. (Follow the instructions in this post, then select “Use Routing Logic” to choose which thank-you pages your users will see based on their responses.) You can also use email logic to send customized confirmation emails.

Form Analytics

If you really want to engage with prospects in meaningful ways, analyzing your data is the way to go. It’s much easier to generate and capture new leads when you’ve identified bottlenecks and tested form optimizations. And you’ll build more effective lead nurture programs when you’ve synced your web forms with your CRM and Google Analytics for deeper customer insights.

You can also compare your own form data with Formstack’s Form Conversion Report. This 15-pager is based on findings across more than 650,000 user accounts. It offers insights on the best days and times for promotions, what to expect in each of ten different industries, and a lot more. You can download it for free here:


What about you? How do you use online forms to generate, capture and nurture leads? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!